Advantages and disadvantages of the inkless printers

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

Printing without ink, looks interesting isn’t? but not! The ink less printers are the new range of printers which can print documents and other files without the need of ink. But there are also some drawbacks in using these printers. Here we are listing all the pros and cons of this new generation printing technology. You can also check the inkless pen.


Even though the people are started using the electronics appliance for reading and transferring the data, the need for paper and printing is not yet over. There were many different types of printers available in the market namely the Laser, Dot- Matrix, Bubble-Jet or Ink-Jet, Dye Diffusion, Solid-ink printers, Dye Sublimation, ┬áPortable printers, Thermal printer, Thermal transfer printer, Digital Photo printers, Network printers, Multifunction printers and Bravo AutoPrinter etc.,. and they are used in every field. The Dot- Matrix printer is cheaper but that doesn’t print like the Laser printer, but the laser printer is high cost.

Even though there are different types of printer with different working style but the people are amazed about the ink less printers. This is because that the printer ink is costly. This latest technology looks like a sports car without fuel, isn’t? Not really. Printing in these printers is much expansive than printing in the others. We had also previously used engraving which doesn’t require ink. Another old linkless printing process is the ‘hot foil printing’ which heats the paper with pressure but they are not used widely since they works only for small scale.

Pros & Cons

  • The inkless printers doesn’t require the liquid link like the other printers.
  • But it does requires a special thermo-sensitive paper. The electric signal produces heat to the specific parts of the paper to turn it into color. Thus normal paper can’t be used in this printer.
  • Most inkless printers are light weight, portable and small which makes them easy to shift and carry.
  • You can’t get the thermo-sensitive paper easily like buying the printer inks since the thermo-sensitive papers are available in limited number of stores.
  • The papers used in these printers are environmental friendly. These is also no ink, so no wastage and toxic.
  • The thermo-sensitive paper is costlier than the printer ink and you have to spend more money for printing.
  • The printer inks can sometimes drop or dry, if the user doesn’t handle it correct. This will not happen in the linkless printing technology.
  • This can be easily connected to the camera and there is no need for a computer to interact between them.
  • Maintaining the inkless printers is easier than maintaining the other printers.
  • Using inkless technology looks trendy and innovative.

Today the printers are used in textiles, banks, marketing industries, gadgets, book publication institutes, newspapers, photo studios and in many more factories. So, it is important to introduce new innovations in the printing. There are also some ink-less pens introduced recently in the market which writes on the paper like a pencil without using the ink but you have to write the words manually unlike the printers.

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