All Apple tv problems, issues, bugs and their fixes [Step by step solution]

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Do you want to know the solution for all your problems with Apple TV? Here you can find the quick fix for the bugs.

Apple TV problem bug fix solution

1. Issues with Apple remote

The apple remote controls over the Mac Book inside the room.

To solve this issue use some security lock to Mac Book rather than setting in apple TV.

  • Lion or snow leopard are preferred for this Mac Book and click general tab and click on lock icon and enter your admin username and password and click on unlock in that window enable the Disable remote control infra-red receiver.
  • To pair another remote with your Mac Book go to the system preference and then click pair button and also hold in the remote from IR port and press and hold menu and wait for few minutes a paired icon will appeared on  the screen it shows that the current remote is paired with Mac Book. The remote which paired with Mac Book only used for control it.

2.Issues with Apple TV that does not display the iTunes library.

In iTunes library sometimes Apple TV is not able to see.

To solve this problem

  • Restart the my Apple TV and also the router.
  • Update the iTunes library version.
  • sign out and sign in back in home sharing on mac .
  • relaunch the mac iTunes again.
  • And also check with security settings.

3.Issues with Apple TV wifi problems

  • To find the Wifi network in Apple TV and synchronize with it seems to be difficult and also in sometimes disconnection occur in it.

To solve the wifi problem with Apple TV

  • goto Setting –>Network and find the IP address.If IP address is not there means you have to reboot router and also the Apple TV
  • To restart the TV goto Settings–>System –>Restart.
  • Ethernet gives the best connection without weak signal problems.

4.Issues with Apple TV video problems

  • When  trying to play streaming video content it shows that the audio and video cannot find or sometimes video without audio or audio without video could be play.

To solve this video problems

  • First check with HDMI cables.check is it properly connected to Apple TV.
  • Sometimes the resolution may went wrong check with the setting by go to Setting –> Audio and Video –> Resolution.In that you can change the setting manually which the Apple TV supports with which resolution.

5.Issues with Airplay Problems in Apple TV.

  • Some times you get problem in Apple TV special feature Airplay.

To solve this Issue

  • check with whether the ios device and Apple TV are connected in same wifi connection if not means getting problems in Airplay so connect both of them in same wifi connection.
  • If Airplay icon is not visible in it then enable it by go to Setting –> Airplay and make it enable.

6.Issues with Apple TV Audio

  • Sometimes it seems to be playing video but not the audio in it.

To solve this audio problems in Apple TV

  • Check with the connection which are properly plugged in.
  • Check with audio receiver which is good to receive it.
  • Check with volume. if it is muted then turned on it to solve the issue.

7.Hardware related issues

  • Connect all the connectivity in proper manner. This helps to avoid this hardware related issues such as blinking and status light etc.
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