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Why Manitou is One of the Leading Brands in Australia?

Manitou is one of the most trusted brands in Australia with equipment offered for various sectors including construction, agriculture and mining.

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Why are Telehandler buckets used extensively?

Telehandler buckets are attachments used with telescopic handlers to enhance their productivity and their efficiency.

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What to expect from Manitou Hire [Guide for You]

It isn’t very hard to find a used Manitou for sale with varying capacities. You can look for the right models and double check for the features.

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What makes the Telescopic Handler a priceless addition at the workplace?

The Telescopic handler has proved to be extremely useful at the worksite especially in agricultural and industrial sectors where heavy weights need to be lifted, moved and placed with great precision.

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The Used Telehandlers Sifting the Good From the Bad

There are many important aspects that you have to look into when you are purchasing used telehandlers.

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Top reasons to rely on Digga Auger, Buckets and Other Attachments

Digga auger is a highly useful attachment because of the different functions that it can perform.

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The myriad uses of skid steer loaders [Learn more about versatile skid steer]

Have you seen a tractor like machine clearing the snow deposits on the roads in winters? Have you seen a small and compact machine carrying heavy loads in warehouses? Well, this is the versatile skid steer at work.

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Telescopic Handler Gold Card Serving an Important Purpose

The need for telescopic handler gold card arises because of the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations which mandates employers to live up to certain obligations for the betterment and safety of the employees.

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Skid steer safety tips to adhere to at all times [Please read before you use]

There is no doubt that the skid steer is one of the most useful heavy duty machines in use today. From carrying huge bags of grains to transporting heavy logs, these machines can perform a plethora of tasks in every … Continue reading

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Round the Clock Manitou Service to Enhance Productivity

There are professional Manitou service centers which have been in the business for more than 2 decades and virtually understand your telehandlers in and out.

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