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Inkless Pen: How it actually works? Pros and Cons & Review

Tired of switching pens regularly? How about just using a single pen for lifelong? Looks interesting and hassle-free? Here comes the inkless metal pens which doesn’t require any single drop of ink to write.

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The World in 22nd Century, Unimaginable Future Technologies

In every century, there is a change in the life style and the technology used by the people. Do you want to know how your great grand children going to live? Here we are listing the technologies which maybe used … Continue reading

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6 Main Reasons for a Aircraft to get Crash

The 1 in every 11,000,000 airplanes fails to reach its destination airport. Here we are listing all the main reasons for an aeroplanes to get crash. You can also learn about other statistics and facts about the air crashes.

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Technologies which helps blind people to see this world

Who said blind humans will won’t see this world? They too can sense and feel the environment which we live. Here you can find the technologies which helps the blind people to see this world. Being blind is one of … Continue reading

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