Ecobee3 vs Nest vs Honeywell vs Venstar: Which is best for your home?

Want a best thermostat with advanced features? We are comparing Ecobee3, Nest, Honeywell and Venstar with each other. So you can find which will suit best for you.

Best Thermostat For Home

Ecobee vs Nest vs Honeywell comparison

Features Ecobee3 Nest 3 Honeywell Lyric
Auto schedule No Yes No
Additional sensors Yes No No
Max No of sensors 32 Nil Nil
Sensor range 45 feet Nil Nil
Multiple rooms Yes No No
Touch screen Yes Yes Yes
Smart speakers Supported Supported Supported
Power from  C-wire inbuilt battery inbuilt battery
Technology used Motion sensor Auto learn Detect mobile
Mobile App control Yes Yes Yes
Pc control Yes Yes No
Replaceable No No Yes
Google Now integration No Yes No
Apple Homekit support Yes No Yes
IFTTT Yes Yes No
Size 3.93″ x 3.93″ 3″ Diameter 3.75″ Diameter
LED Display Size 3.5″ 2.08″ Diameter 1.4″ Diameter
Local weather Yes Yes Yes
Remind filter change Yes Yes Yes
Extreme temperature alert Yes Yes Yes
Custom Temp settings Yes Yes Yes
Sleep mode Yes Yes Yes
Away mode Yes Yes Yes
Price ~$241 ~$249 ~$198
Panel material Plastic Stainless steel Plastic

What is the difference between Ecobee3’s motion sensor and Nest’s auto learn and Honeywell Lyric’s smartphone detection? These technologies are useful to save the power. Ecobee3 sense by the human moment inside the home with sensors. Nest auto learn takes 3 weeks to learn your schedule. Honeywell Lyric can detect your smartphone and if your smartphone is not in home then it will think you are not in home. So these thermostats works only when are in your home and will be in away mode when you are not in your home.

These four are the top thermostat brands in the market now. Each has a different function and feature. Lets see how they differ from each other and which will fit for your home.

  • Ecobee3: It is for the homes with more than one room. Imagine you are in your kitchen and you have thermostat installed only on the bedroom then the device can moderate temperature on that particular room only. To solve this problem, Ecobee3 has option to connect additional wireless sensors with it. You can keep each sensor in a room. So whenever you move from one room to the other, it will detect your motion and change the temperature of your current room to the desired level. A maximum of 32 sensors can be connected. It will also slow the local temperature of your city and indoor temperature and humidity. The panel is made of plastic and has touch display. It can be controlled with Android phone, iPhone, Siri, Google Home and Amazon Echo. The cost of Ecobee3 is around $249 dollars.
  • Nest 3:  Unlike Ecobee3 which has plastic panel, Nest 3 has metallic panel. It will automatically turned off when you are away from your home but you can turn it ON with your smartphone through internet. If you already have Nest 2 then you can just upgrade your software instead of replacing the thermostat. The Nest 3 has a slightly bigger display than the Nest 2. In the smartphone app, you can see your energy usage and monitor them to save the power bill. It has an auto learning system which will learn your schedule and operate according to it. The cost of Nest 3 is around $240 dollars.
  • Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: This isn’t an auto learning system like Next 3. You can control this thermostat with your smartphone as remote over wifi. In that, you can change the temperature, you can check the local weather for next 7 days and can set the schedule for the week. You can also control it via internet and can get alerts if humidity of the room reaches certain point or for something like that. This doesn’t have energy tracking information like Nest 3 but the cost of Honeywell is only $168 dollars in Amazon while we checking which is cheaper. The Honeywell App is available for Android and iPhone. You can choose different display colors to match the color of your wall.
  • Venstar: There are models with and without touchscreen and the thermostat looks classic. One of the highlight of this is its low price. There are various models which are available in the price range of $44 dollars. You can set maximum heat and cool settings. Like if you set 72 degree as heat point then when the room heat temperature reaches 72 degree then the AC will turn ON. Likewise if you set 68 degree and whenever the room gets cooler than 68 degree then the heat will turn ON.

What we found is sometimes the temperature displayed on the thermostat are not exact. If you want to buy a thermostat then pick a one from the above since they are the leading brands in the market. They have a big user base who are using it and if you are in any trouble then you can contact them or find solution from other users online.

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