Flipkart easy return policy for cash on delivery & online payment !

Did Flipkart delivered you a wrong, broken or product with missing components? Want to get your money back by returning it? Learn here about the Flipkart easy return policy for cash on delivery.

Flipkart easy return policy

Sometimes Flipkart might deliver you wrong product or a product with manufacturing issues. If you get such items then you can easily return it and get back your money. The time and duration for returning your item varies based on the category. Check the table below.

Flipkart return policy: Days time duration limit based on the item category

Sign into your account in Flipkart > Navigate to ‘My Orders’ > Select ‘Return’ to book the Return Request form > Select one of the options:- ‘Replacement’ or ‘Refund’. You can select replacement option, in case you want new item instead of the item you purchased. Otherwise you can just select the refund option where you will just get your money.

If you had payed your order with cash on delivery (COD) then your money will be refunded by the IMPS (Immediate Payment System) transfers. Thus you will get the money as soon as possible which is 1 day time frame. If you had ordered the item with your debit card, credit card or with the net banking then the amount will be transferred again to that bank account within 15 days. You will get notification about each and every status.

What is Immediate Payment System? In this you can transfer funds electronically through mobile phone to any Indian bank. This works all days of the year including bank holidays.

You have to give valid reasons about why you want to return the product. If Flipkart thinks that you are cheating the service or doing illegal things then they won’t accept your return request. So people engaging in such activities are advised to be wise. Please ask your further doubts below. We are happy to answer you.

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