How to Fix Adobe Flash Player Problem in Chrome [Step by step guide] ✔

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Do you have any issues with playing videos or games in Google Chrome due to Adobe Flash Player? Don’t worry, you can read this step by step guide which will help you to fix the problem.

Chrome is one of the most used browser, it has inbuilt Flash Player. Thus you won’t require downloading Adobe Flash Player on your PC. But you will require it if you use other browsers too on your PC. But sometimes, the Flash Player on Google Chrome might not work. Let’s see what causes this problem and its solution.

Flash might have turned off on your Chrome settings

There is a possibility that Flash might have disabled in your Chrome settings. There are 3 options in Chrome 1) Always ask to run Flash, 2) Always allow on this site, 3) Always block Flash. We recommend you to set it to ‘Always ask first to run Flash’. Below you can see how to set it ON.

Check whether the Flash is turned ON in chrome plugins settings. You can’t access the Chrome plugin page from the address chrome://plugins in the newer Chrome version. You can access it by navigating to [⋮]>➤ Settings >➤ Show advanced settings.. >➤ Content settings>➤ Flash

Update your Chrome in case you’re running older version

To see your current version, type this on your Chrome address bar – chrome://settings/help

If your Google Chrome has not updated then update it and try running the flash content. If the problem still occurs then continue to the next step given below.

Update Adobe Flash Player in Chrome Components Page

Check the Flash on your Chrome browser is up-to-date, if not then please update it. Go to the following URL – chrome://components

Delete the folder containing pepflashplayer.dll file

Delete the folder on your PC which contains the file pepflashplayer.dll

Navigate to C:\Users\YOUR-PC-NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash

The AppData is a hidden folder, you must enable to view hidden files & folders on your PC to view the folder.

Hidden folders can be viewed in Windows 8 from the ‘View Tab’

You might not have pepflashplayer.dll file or another file in the folder

Delete the directory which contains the pepflashplayer.dll file (The directory/folder name will be some numerals such as or which is the version number). Just delete the entire folder.

Previously, the Flash file pepflashplayer.dll is used to store in C:\ProgramFiles\Google\Chrome\Application\61.0.3163.100\….

Now restart the Google Chrome and try to run the Flash content. The Chrome should download the latest version of the Flash content by default. You might not notice it. After this step, you should able to view the Flash videos and games on your computer. If you still face any problem then please post your problem below.

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