How to use usb port of tatasky, videocon, airtel, big tv, dish tv set top box

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Do you want to know how you can use the USB port in the videocon D2H, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Reliance Big TV, Dish TV set top box? Here you can find it out! This is also applicable to the users who are searching for How to use usb in directv box and in sun direct dth?

Question: I have Tatasky dish on my home which is attached with the Tatasky mpeg 4 digicam set top box. I have better audio quality than the the old set top box. The set top box also has a USB port on its back side but I don’t know how to make it work since I had attached every possible USP devices such as the pen drives, mouse, joy sticks, memory card readers, modems, keyboards, bluetooth and data cables but nothing works. I can’t able to use it for recording the live programs or for just playing the songs from a pen drive. So, why that shit present on my box and what its real purpose? I have set top boxes of all the leading brands such as the Airtel digital TV, Dish TV, Reliance Big TV, Videocon D2H, Tatasky, Sun Direct.

set top box USB port

Answer 1: Currently, the USB port can only be used for set top box software upgrading and related purposes. This is for the professionals and not for the user. So, you can’t use it for now. You have to upgrade to HD set top box for getting the features such as the live Tv shows recording, pause, HD viewing and for other exciting services.

Answer 2:  You can use it by the following ways:-
1. You can charge your smartphone by connecting through the USB.
2. If you have a Wifi Hotspot Data card, then you can plug it on the USB port and enable Wi-Fi on your living room.
3. You can charge any device which can be charged through an USB port.

Answer 3: I strongly recommend not to charge your smartphone by using the USB port of the TataSky set top box since it will damage your phone and its battery. You may can change for emergency purpose that if you don’t have a charger and if you only have the data cable for charging.
If you charge your mobile for a long run using it then you soon have to replace your battery with a new one. Always use the original charger to charge your mobile since it will produce the correct power required for your smartphone.

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