List of All Smart Devices and Smart Gadgets Names [A to Z Full List]

Do you want to know the name of all latest smart devices and gadgets? Here we have the A to Z list of smart devices.

Smart Gadgets & Devices List

Everything is getting smarter around us. New range of smart devices are being released everyday and we are listing all of them for you below.

  1. Smart car – A small hybrid car which has the mileage of 40 miles per gallon of gasoline and 84 miles per charge of battery.
  2. Smart city – A city with all resources for living, more alive, has advanced transport and living conditions.
  3. Smart education – Interactive virtual classes, online lectures, learn on the go, connect with students and teachers all over the world, interest and students engagement with their studies.
  4. Smart fridge – Fridge by Samsung which consist of a display in the door and the user can see what’s inside the fridge via the display. Also the user can make notes on the touch screen. With convertible refrigerator modes, user can switch between freezer mode and fridge mode. There are also smart fridge by LG, where the door becomes transparent when knocking on it and so you can see what’s inside. It also has the functionality of opening the door automatically.
  5. Smart glass – Sun glasses which displays information on the screen about speed, distance, height, name of places, information about the viewing objects, take photo by blinking twice, face recognition.
  6. Smart helmet – You can see in 360 degree view with the smart helmet, so you can see even from back of your head through the camera which displays the information on the screen. It also has hands free calling, music playing and GPS.
  7. Smart home – Control all the home appliances with voice commands, fan with motion detection technology, wireless charging of gadgets and a lot more.
  8. Smart jewellery – There are the wearable ornaments necklace, rings and bracelet.
  9. Smart key – Is a key holder which can hold upto 2 to 50 keys.
  10. Smart kitchen – Wifi enabled owens and fridges.
  11. Smart lock – A lock which can be controlled by your smartphone.
  12. Smartphones – A smartphone is like a mini-computer which can multitask and can be used to call and messaging.
  13. Smart remote – A remote control for everything you have.
  14. Smart ring – A wearable ring which gives you alert for messages received from your friends and does more than that.
  15. Smart speakers – Answers your questions, play music, turn ON lights, tell jokes. Some of the smart speakers are the Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  16. Smart switch – The smart switch can be placed over an normal switch on the wall and can be controlled by the smartphone.
  17. Smart thermostat – The auto learning thermostats which will learn your schedule, sense human presence and saves power.
  18. Smart toilet – The toilet which auto-opens and auto-close after every use. It also has options to warm you.
  19. Smart TV – Is a LED TV which has be used to view HD TV channels, has options to browse the internet, may have 3D, options to play files from external storage.
  20. Smartwatch – It will show time, tracks your health, monitor your heart rate, shows distance you traveled, calories burned.

Future Apple werables
These are the different smart devices which will make your life smarter and easier. New gadgets are released everyday and we update this list periodically.

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