Nixon The Mission vs Apple Watch: What Nixon offers that Apple fails to?

The Mission Android wear is the Nixon’s ambitious project to build the next level of smartwatches but have they really made a better one? Is it better than the Apple watch? Let’s see.

Nixon The Mission vs Apple Watch

When Apple is promoting their watches as more for health and fitness, Nixon promoting their watch as action sports watch made for sports like skiing, surfing and snowboarding. What Nixon has that Apple watch misses?

Nixon mission watches

  • The Mission has the water resistance up to 100 meters while the Apple watch series 2 has water resistance only up to 50 meters. So this will take your swimming experience to new level.
  • You can get the real time information about the snowboarding, skiing, and surfing. It is ultra-rugged and can withstand extreme weather conditions like snow. You can also check the speed of your snowboard in the Mission smartwatch.
  • Mission’s battery can be alive upto 7 days while the Apple watch’s battery can be alive for only one day as maximum.
  • The mission has the rounded screen while the Apple watch has the square screen. Some people prefer the square screen while others prefer the traditional rounded screen.
  • The Apple watch supports only the iPhone but the Nixon supports multiple mobile platforms.

Let’s see the comparison table between both of them. You can also check Nixon Mission vs Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10.

Features The Mission Apple Watch
Water Resistance 100 meters 50 meters
Battery life 7 days 18 hours
Watch shape Round Square
Real time snow condition Yes No
Platform Android wear Apple watch os
Gesture control Yes Yes
Processor Apple S1

520 MHz

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Wear 2100

GPS Yes Yes

Nixon and Trace are producing these watches with partnership. Trace is an expert in monitoring the snow sports and they will provide the data to the Nixon. The price of the watch will be around $400. The body of the watch is little bit fat. So which one will you rather choose, tell us below.

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