How to reset the Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet?

AnswersCategory: Hardware & DevicesHow to reset the Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet?
Priya Staff asked 2 years ago
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I bought a Mi tablet from Flipkart recently since everyone said Xiaomi is the best company for the budget smartphones but its started to show me its Chinese side after trying for a month. The Xiaomi Mi Pad goes to safe mode frequently which is very annoying to me. Many games are not supporting in the tablet but I buyed it mainly for playing the games.
I heard that resetting the Mi pad may help to remove the bugs and make it looks like new but I don’t want to lose the downloaded games and softwares though. Experts can you please tell me what are the methods to ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ reset the Xiaomi Mi Pad Tablet. Is there any other ways to solve my problems?