Is it possible to use OTG cable in Nokia Lumia 535?

AnswersCategory: Hardware & DevicesIs it possible to use OTG cable in Nokia Lumia 535?
Vivian Staff asked 2 years ago

I like to connect the keyboard, mouse, pen drive, card reader and joy stick with the Nokia Lumia 535 but for this purpose, the mobile must support the OTG cable facility. I want to know that is it possible to connect the OTG cable with the Nokia Lumia 535 model or not. If I simply plug-in the cable, it will automatically detect the device or I have to install any special software or to do any other thing? Experts, I like to use my smartphone like a professional personal computer and so please help me to how to do this.

Manikandan Staff replied 47 years ago

Hi Vivian, its not Nokia Lumia 535 and its name is Microsoft Lumia 535!

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Admin Staff answered 2 years ago

I’m so sorry, Microsoft Lumia 535 doesn’t support OTG cable and so you can’t connect the pen drive, mouse or keyboard via a OTG cable to your mobile phone. But you can try connecting the wireless keyboard and mouse to your cell phone. Hope it helps! For further details read the articles of this site or PM me.

Priya Staff answered 2 years ago

The Nokia Symbian phones like Nokia N8 had the facility to attach the OTG cable but strangely Microsoft has made the decision that not to include the feature to support OTG cable on the Lumia cell phones. Maybe Microsoft will change its mind from the next Lumia models.