My Samsung Galaxy S2 is not charging

AnswersMy Samsung Galaxy S2 is not charging
Admin Staff asked 2 years ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and I can’t charge the mobile for last two days. When the mobile shows ‘Battery low’ alert two days before, I tried to plug-in the Samsung charger but the mobile indicates ‘Not charging’ sign. I tried to charge the battery by connecting to the charger which is plugged in the plug point and via the USB port of my laptop and I have even tried the multi-charger but nothing works. So, now where is the fault? I don’t have any other secondary battery for checking and will buying the new battery works?

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Vivian Staff answered 2 years ago

The USB charger port of the mobile might have broken and thus the problem occurs. Did you try to move the charger pin up and down while plugged in? Sometimes this may help but don’t break it fully. You must take your phone to the local mobile shop to fix the problem. The experts will replace your USB charger port easily and the cost of replacement will also usually low