What is difference between Single, Dual, Quad & Octa Core processors?

AnswersCategory: Hardware & DevicesWhat is difference between Single, Dual, Quad & Octa Core processors?
Vivian Staff asked 2 years ago

I like to buy a new smartphone for using various Android applications, playing games, watching videos and of course making phone calls. I heard that the latest smart phones comes with different types of processors namely the single core processor, dual core processor, quad core processor and the octa core processor. I want to know what is the actual difference between them. Which is the best and what is the cost of each processor? Which one is just enough for me? I need better phone but don’t want to waste my money. So Experts, please throw some light into the matter.

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Admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Single core processor has only single core which has to handle all your running applications and process.
Dual core means like 2 processors in a single processor which helps you phone to run faster.
Quad core smartphone has 4 cores which means like 4 processors which helps you to run even faster than a dual core mobile phone.
Octa core the latest which has 8 cores and its the fastest of all processors. You can multitask or run many applications without hanging at a time.

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