What is Ergonomic Grip Design in Philips Bikini Trimmer?

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Priya Staff asked 2 years ago

I want to remove my body hair and so I want to buy a electronic hair remover. I found that the Philips HP6548 Epilator Bikini Trimmer has the ‘Ergonomic’ grip design on it and its a Satinelle Epilator. I don’t know what is the meaning for it. Experts, can you please explain me the meaning of these terms.

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Admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Ergonomic grip design means that the handle of the device is more comfortable to use for a longer period of time without any discomfort. The Philips HP6548 Epilator Bikini trimmer has elegant design and the pack contains both the trimmer and the epilator.

The trimmer cuts the hair above the skin without any pain while the epilator plugs away the hair from the root while might cause some pain for the first time users.