The World in 22nd Century, Unimaginable Future Technologies

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

In every century, there is a change in the life style and the technology used by the people. Do you want to know how your great grand children going to live? Here we are listing the technologies which maybe used by the people of twenty second century. The below technologies are not just a imagination and most of them are already in the testing process.

The old stone age people used fire to cook their meals but they didn’t know that the same fire will be used by the model humans for flying hot air balloons, of course the fire is used for many other purpose too. The same way we don’t know clearly about all the technologies used by our future humans but the technologies of 22nd century will be developed from the current theories and principles.

Artificial Meat Development

Due to the rapid urbanization, there will be very less farms left in the 22nd century. For providing the non-vegetarian food for the huge population, the flesh will be developed in labs with the taste of different animals. Currently the scientists are creating flesh by growing the stem cells. These food are currently very expansive and some people have concerns about eating the meat which is not developed naturally but these foods will become cheap and the people will adopt the change. The artificial meat development will be a great news for the animal lovers since there is no cruelty involved but there will also very less animals left at the time.


The robots made the current industrial revolution and their smaller counterparts, the nanobots will make an impact on the life of the future generation. The nanobots can be used to treat the cancer cells and vast various purposes. So the cancer patients must just needs to ‘swallow the doctor’. You just needs to throw the nanobots into the ditch for producing the recycled clean drinking water. The current robots will be just like a child if compared to the future robots. The robots of the 22nd century might be look like the robots currently appearing on the Hollywood movies.

Organs Regrowth

More than 5% of the world population are physically disabled which includes the persons who have disability from birth and the persons who have become handicap due to accidents. There are also many solders who had lost their organs by taking part in the war. Many says that the advanced mind controlled artificial organs will be the solution but there will be no better alternative to the natural organ. We can observe that the amphibians like salamander can regrow their hands and legs. There are also some lizards are also capable of regrowing their tails. Due to the several years of evolution, humans have lost the ability but not completely. We can still able to regrow our fingertips if we lost it. The scientists are currently testing this strange phenomena and we could expect a positive result.


Do you know there are many people in this world who can do extraordinary things which the ordinary humans can’t do it? There are people who can live with less oxygen, who uses Human Echolocation, withstand electricity and more? Their DNA will be decoded and will be used to benefit other humans. Thus future humans will have stronger DNA and will be further evolved. They will have super powers to protect them to to live a advanced life.

Advancement in Jet Pack and in other current technologies

Jet packs doesn’t looks strange anymore, right? Jet packs are one of the coolest invention but doesn’t become much famous due to its limited safety features and limited time of flight. One can only fly for 30 seconds with a jet pack but it won’t be the story for long. Currently we are scanning paper documents for digital transfer or for printing purposes. We are also using it in developing 3D views of an object. In future, we might use scanning for more advanced functions.

States of the Seas

The level of oceans and seas are rising slowly every year. The United Kingdom is once connected with rest of the Europe but now separated by sea. In the twenty second century, the cities like London, Mumbai, Chennai and the countries like Maldives, Bangladesh and Singapore will be completely submerged under the water. So humans will built floating cities above the seas and also below the sea covered with a glass wall protecting the sea water from entering. The glass wall will also strong enough to withstand the pressure of the sea water. The every such group of cities in the sea might run its own government.

New Energy Source

The petroleum products taken from the Earth will soon become empty and humans will soon adopt electricity or a new type of energy source. Japan is planning to place solar panels in moon and transferring the electricity from the solar panels fixed in the moon to Earth through satellites. Japan also claims that his electricity is enough for the needs of all population of the Earth. The middle eastern countries are also aware of the limited availability of their oil wealth and so they are trying to change their countries into attractive tourist destination which will become the new source of income. So, in future the cars won’t use the petrol or diesel but they will run by the electricity or any other more advanced fuel which doesn’t require refilling.

Humans Can Control the Nature

The Hurricane Katrina and Asian Tsunami are some of the natural disasters which caused heavy damage not only to the property but also to the precious lives. Currently, humans are only capable of making artificial rains in the places where there is drought. In the future, we can able to control the hurricanes, Tsunamis and other natural disasters. There is also a risk of using this technology for terrorism. Humans might also control over their health and appearances such as ageless and pain control. So, the future generation might look more young while their death than the human of this century.

Theories of 21st Century will get life in 22nd century

Theories such as Stephen Hawking’s black holes and time travel will become a reality one day but we may not there to see them. Each invention helps to invent a new invention. We just listed only the few possible technologies but there will be many curious innovations that we never going to know them in our lifetime.

Dream Recording Machine

Have you dreamed about something on the night and forgot at the morning? You can publish your dreams as a video clip after the invention of the dream recording machine. There will be no production cost and you can become rich, if you just get a exciting dream. All you need to do is just close your eyes and sleep well.

The Japenese scientists are already in a half way mark in developing the machine. They have produced dim images of the symbols which a person has dreamed about.  The 22th Century will be more fun than today.

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