Apple watch 38 vs 42: Battery life, Actual Size & Difference between them

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Want to know the actual difference between the Apple watch 38 and 42 sizes? Here you can find the battery life, actual size and other details about them.

Apple watch 38 vs 42

Apple smart watches are available in the two different sizes. Let’s see the comparison between the Apple watch edition 38mm and the Apple watch edition 42mm such as the battery capacity and actual size.

Apple watch 38 vs 42 Battery life


  • Both of the sizes has same functionality and working. So it’s not a problem.
  • Many people think the 38’s battery life will be better but it’s wrong. Apple watch 42 mm’s battery life is actually better than the Apple watch 38 mm despite of having the larger screen. This is due to the larger battery and OLED display on the 42 version.
  • The 42mm version’s battery is likely to last long 10% to 20% higher than the 38mm version.
  • Your battery performance is actually depends on your usage and age of your watch. Your gadget’s battery life will start to decrease when it gets old. You will experience this in Apple watch after few years (not in few months).
  • Most users reported that their battery never went below 20% at the end of the day, even the heavy users. But if you are going to talk in call for 3 hours then your battery will dry out. Here is the report of how long the battery stays for different activities.
    • Only normal (mixed) usage – battery stands up to 18 hours
    • Only time checks – battery stands for it’s maximum of 48 hours
    • Only call – battery will last long 3 hours only
    • Only playing music – 6.5 hours
    • Workout – 6.5 hours
    • Power Reserve mode – 72 hours (3 days)
    • [Normal usage = 90 time checks, 45 minutes of different app use, 90 notifications and workout for 30 minutes with music playback via the Bluetooth]
  • You can check the battery usage of your iwatch in your iphone app. On your iphone go to > Apple Watch app > General option > Usage.
  • What is Power Reserve mode? When your smartwatch is about to die, it goes into the power reserve mode. In this mode, all your watch’s functionality will be automatically turned off and you can only able to check time for 4 times per hour. Your Apple watch will be in this mode for 3 days if you can’t able to charge your battery.
  • How long the Apple watch has to be charged? It will reach 80% when you charge it for 1.5 hours. You have to charge it for 2.5 hours for the full charge (100%). Don’t over charge it, this will harm the battery life over time.
  • When the Apple watch battery has to be replaced? The battery has the lifespan of 3 years then it will lose its potential. Then you can send the watch to Apple service centre and they will replace it with new battery.

The battery replacement does not cover in the warranty and you have to pay some small fee for the replacement. Remember you must always go only to the authorised apple service centre for repairing. You can also check the full comparison of Apple watch Aluminum vs Stainless Steel editions.


Apple watch 38mm vs 42mm model size compare

  • The dimension of the 38 mm Apple watch is 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5 millimeter (1.54 x 1.34 x 0.46 in inches) and 42 mm watch is  42 x 35.9 x 10.5 millimeter (1.65 x 1.41 x 0.41 in inches).

Apple watch 38mm and 42mm size

  • The weight of 38mm watch regular edition is 40 grams & sport edition is 25 grams and weight of the 42mm watch regular edition is 50 grams & sport edition is 30 grams. The weight difference is just marginal.
  • So which size to choose? If you are going to give the watch as a gift to a kid, it’s better to choose the smaller 38 version. If it’s a person with bulky body then choose the bigger 42 version. The smaller one looks good on the smaller wrist and the bigger one looks good on the bigger wrist.
  • These are the variations and difference between both the 38mm and the 42mm versions of the Apple watches.
  • The 38mm version is cheaper than the 42mm version. So, you can choose the smaller version to save some money.

Is Apple watch series 1 still better than the Apple watch series 2? Check Apple watch series 1 vs Apple watch series 2.


FeaturesApple watch 38mmApple watch 42mm
Battery LifeNot good as 42mm10% to 20% better than 38mm
ScreenSmaller sizeLarger size
Fits better forKids & smaller wristAdults

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