Apple watch 4: 40mm vs 44mm vs 42mm vs 38mm [Battery life, size]

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[π€π§π¬π°πžπ«πžπ] – Do you want to know the difference between the 40mm vs 44mm size of the Apple watch series 4? Here you can compare the size and can learn about the battery performance etcetera.

Apple watch Series 4: 40mm vs 44mm (vs 42mm vs 38mm)

Apple watch 40mm vs 44mm

FeaturesApple watch 40mmApple watch 44mm
Case height40mm44mm
Case width33.3mm35.9mm
Screen area759 sq mm display area977 sq mm display area
CostCheaper than 44mm versionCostlier than 40mm version
Battery LifeNot as good as 44mm10% to 20% better than 40mm
Screen sizeSmaller sizeLarger size
Fits better forKids & smaller wristAdults

Will the Apple watch series 3 straps works on the Apple watch series 4?

Yes, it will work. You can use your old straps with the series 4. Only the height has increased on the Apple watch 4 but the width remainsΒ the same. You can just check it on the above image. Remember, only the strap of the 38mm case fits on the 40mm case, and 42mm strap fits on the 44mm case. Not vice-versa.

What is the height and width of the Apple watch series 4?

The 40mm Apple watch has the height of 40mm and width of 33.3mm. The 44mm Apple watch has the height of 44mm and width of 35.9mm.

What is the display area of the new Apple watch 4 series?

The 40mm Apple watch has the display area of 759 sq mm. The 44mm Apple watch has the display area of 977 sq mm.

Battery life

The Apple watch 44mm version’s battery is likely to last long around 10% to 20% higher than the 40mm version. When both watches are used under the similar conditions.

Whom does each version suits the better?

The 40mm watch will suit the kids and people with the smaller wrist. The 44mm is for the adults with the bigger wrist. But if your kid likes the 44mm then just go for it. It’s your own preference.


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