Top 10 Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 38mm for You

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Do you want to protect your Apple watch screen? Β Tempered glass is the best way to protect your watch from scratch, break and scuff proof but some of tempered glass fails because it is not able to protect the edges of the watch especially the sports watch. In some tempered glass, the shield is good but they are not comfortable with touch screen quality. Β This article shows you the best tempered glass screen protector for 38 mm Apple watch.

Nacodex Premium Tempered Glass

nacodex special tempered glass

Nacodex is good tempered glass that protect the watch from scratch, explosion and other damages. It gives the real HD quality and water proof. It gives eye protection.This tempered glass is made up of nano chemical materials that protects the watch from damages but it not vary the originality of mobile. Minor cuts are provided in the glass for Β sensors, speaker and other portions. It is easy to clean the glass and simple to install it on the watch.

Antye Premium Tempered Glass

antye Apple watch tempered glass

As like Nacodex, Antye tempered glass is also easy to install and act as a shield from damages such as water, scratches, finger print smudges, dust etc..

It also gives high quality screen with its real clarity and good touch screen feature. Even though it protect the watch from damages in the flat surface it is not assured to protect the edges of the watch.The price of this tempered glass is same to Nacodex tempered glass. Thus it is perfect tempered glass to protect the flat surface.

Josi Minea Tempered Glass

josi tempered glass for Apple watch

This Tempered glass is completely transparent that covers the flat surface and also the edges of the Apple watch. This tempered glass is easy to install without any bubbles and also have the HD screen with eye protection. If you want the real transparent tempered glass to cover the edges with flat surface then josi mineaΒ is the best choice.

JideTech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Josi Minea Tempered Glass

rose border safe glass for Apple watch

This tempered glass expensive compared to previous tempered glass. This glass is designed with magnesium and aluminum alloy. The glass is high sensitive, high picture Quality and also the main thing it protect the flat surface as well as edges of the Apple watch from scratches and damages. The edges are protected by metal edge coverage that gives perfect protection to the watch. Installation process is easy but the cleaning process is not good. The look and feel of rose gold metal edge with silver apple watch is not good. This is provided with 8H to 9H hardness screen protector. Otherwise that it is a good product that shield our Apple watch in awesome way.


OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector

black border Apple watch tempered glass

OMOTON tempered glass is expensive compared to above tempered glass because it is worthy product that protect the Apple watch screen from scratch, scuffs, explosion and external damages. 3D compression technology used in it to cover the full screen of the watch include the edges of the Apple watch. It gives HD clarity eye comfort for the user. It is easy to install the tempered glass. This is provided with 9H hardness screen protector. So it is high responsive and high transparent. The look and feel also good.


transparent full covered temper glass

This tempered glass is similar toΒ Josi Minea Tempered Glass butΒ ArmorSuitMilitaryShieldΒ has some additional unique feature that is self healing technology. If any small scratch, dust or anything happens means it heals itself and give clear look to the screen. This tempered glass protect the edges also. It gives crystal clear screen to the user with HD screen. Microfiber cloth is provided with this tempered glass to clean the Apple watch screen.

2win2buy Tempered Glass

This Tempered glass comes with a case that has three different colors. This glass has 9H hardness and it covers the Apple watch fully in other words we can say that it acts as a shield to it. It prevent from scratches, dust and all external damages. The look and feel of the tempered glass and case colors suits good for the Apple watch and also it seems to be weightless even it has case in it. Installation process is much simpler because tempered glass uses press lock Technic to set on the watch. So it not needs any solution or anything to stick on the Apple watch screen but after some use it pop out from the watch too easily. If you want your Apple watch to be more fashion then chooses 2win2buy Tempered Glass.

Misxi Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

full transparent tempered glass

Misxi Apple Watch is fully transparent Tempered glass that comes with the case like 2win2buy Tempered Glass but the case is also transparent here and also more comfortable compared to 2win2buy because it protect the whole Apple watch without showing that the tempered Glass is install in it. Touch also good and fast as like before installation. It is also light weight one easy to handle the watch in slim way. This tempered glass shield from all damages in flat surface and also the corner of the Apple watch. The price is also good. It also has the cuts for speaker and other parts that fit correctly on the Watch and also has crystal clear Quality.

iCASEIT Apple Watch Protector

multi colour tempered glass with case

This iCASEIT Apple Watch Protector consists of both tempered glass and case. Both are separated on in this protector and this have multiple color combination case we can choose what color case we want. It has three face plates. Good quality Tempered glass that protect from damages such as scratches, scuff, explosion, dust and other. Light weight, safe eye clarity, smooth touch screen everything good in this product. Slot cuts are also available for speaker, charger and other things. Buttons are also visible and also no gap is left between the glass and case. Easy to install it. Cleaning process is also easy in this set. If you want color combination case then go for iCASEIT Apple Watch Protector.

Select your favorite tempered glass and enjoy the features of Apple watch in secure way.