Top 5 Best Smart Rings for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile [Top 5]

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After watches and glasses, now rings are also getting smarter. Check out the best smart rings which helps you to get the world in your fingers. Smart rings, the future gadget on everyone’s finger ?.

Best Smart Rings

Everyday technology is evolving further and further. After the success of smartwatches, now there is a need for the smart rings. Different companies has started to produce the smartrings but not all are good. So we have listed the best of them here.

Ringly Smartring

Ringy looks like a costly gemstone and this doesn’t have any display screen. People will think it most as a ring than a electronic gadget on the first look. You can set up notification for the popular social networking sites, phone calls, text messages and even from your urban car. There is an LED light and it will blink during the reception of notifications. You can set up different colors and vibration for different actions. So you can know what the notification is actually about. The ring comes in a stylish box which you can actually use it for charging it. The battery will lost long for around 2 days but if you are a heavy user then it might lost only one day.

Ringly smart ring colours and models

The good news is Ringly supports mobiles which run on the iOS and also the mobiles which runs on the Android operating system.

MOTA SmartRing

Moto smart ring review

Mota DOI is the most popular smart ring which actually has a display unlike the Ringly. The ring looks more modern than just a jewel. We have written a complete article about the pros and cons of MOTA smart ring and you can read the Mota DOI Smart Ring Full Review: All Specifications, Features & Concerns.

Neyya Smart Ring

Neyya smart ring

You can connect the Neyya smartring with your iPhone by installing the Neyya application. You can configure to show about from whom you want to receive the notifications and other settings. The important contacts can be selected as ‘VIP’ contacts. You can set ‘Buzz’ which will alert you on the time which you set. You can also set repeat. There is a feature called ‘rhythm’ which will alert you at particular minute for every hour. The other notification features are ‘pill reminder’ and ‘Rise’.

Nod Smart Ring

Do you want to control multiple devices with your smartring? With Nod, you can control your smartphone, computer, television and your other wearables. You can wear it on your index finger and it actually has a touchpad. You can control the mouse cursor with the touchpad and can type on the virtual keyboard on your PC screen.

Smartring remote control

You can also use this as a game controller to play games on gaming consoles. The price of the Nod smart ring is $149 US dollars.

Fin Ring

Fin is a gesture control smartring device, where you have to move your thumb finger over the other four fingers to control a variety of devices such as TV, mobile phone, car audio system, AC etc.,. You can increase or decrease the sound volume of your TV, Shoot the enemies on a game. You can control your car AC, audio system without taking your hand from the wheels. The possibilities of Fin are endless.

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