Difference between Soft Wi-fi & Wifi Hotspot in Data Cards [Modems,Dongles]

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Are you looking to buy a internet modem (data card, USB dongle) for your laptop or desktop PC but confused what is soft wi-fi and wifi hotspot? Get here the full explanation and difference between the two!

Soft Wi-fi Dongle Modem Vs Wifi Hotspot Dongle Modem

The Huawei data cards are available with two different wi-fi types in India. If you are going to buy a data card then you should be aware of what is the difference between the two and which one will suit your needs.

Soft Wi-fi Data Cards

If the modem has the soft wifi feature then it will work only if the laptop or desktop computer has inbuilt wifi. So if your PC didn’t have the wi-fi then it wont work on it and so never buy it. The data cards which has the soft wifi are cheaper than the data cards which has the wifi hotspot. If you have the wifi on your device and if you want to reduce the cost of the purchase then you can stick with the soft wifi data card or dongle.

Wifi Hotspot Data Cards

If you see the ‘wifi hotspot’ as the specification of the data card then it has its own wifi. So even if your laptop doesn’t have the wifi, you can enable the wifi at your home or office. You can just plug it in any USB port to make your place as a wifi zone. You can even connect the dongle at the charger pin of your smart phone. You can even plug the data card directly at the power supply by using the using a data card usb power adaptor.

Things To Remember Before Buying A Data Card / Dongle

  1. Is the data card supports 3G and 4G network?
  2. Is the data card a multi-modem which can support the SIM of any internet service provider or just supportsΒ a single operator?
  3. What is the upload and download speed limitation of the data card?
  4. Does the data card supports calling mobile phone numbers and receiving the calls? If there is no option for calls then you won’t get any call to the number while you using it on your PC.
  5. If your data card has wifi then how many devices can connect to it at the same time?
  6. Does the data card support text messages? It will be good to activate the internet by texting a message on your PC itself when your internet ends.
  7. Will it support memory card? What type of memory card and upto how much storage memory? Most data cards supports only the SD memory card and its just enough.

These are some of the important things which you should check before buying a data card. If you find this post helpful then please share this post.

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