Difference between Trimmer, Clipper, Groomer, Razor, Shaver & Epilator

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Do you want to know what is the actual difference between hair clipper, trimmer, body groomer, razor, electric shaver, epilator and multi grooming kit? Here you can remove your doubts as well as your hair.

There are various hair removal devices available on the market for making you hairless and stylish but each has a different mechanism and function. There are two major categories – 1) Electrical Hair Removal Devices and 2) Mechanical Hair Removal Devices. The ‘Electrical Hair Removal Devices’ further classified into ‘Cordless’ and ‘Wired’.

Cordless mean that you don’t need to connect the device to the main power supply while using it and it can run through the battery. The electrical hair removers require either power from the inbuilt battery or from the main power supply while the mechanical hair removers just require some hand movements. Usually, the electrical devices do the work faster than the mechanical devices.


Difference between trimmer vs shaver

Trimmer is used for reducing the hair on the face. The trimmers consist of two blades which slide across each other and when the hair goes in between them then it gets cut. The trimmers can be cordless or required direct power supply. The trimmers are small when compared to the hair clippers and are used to cut the edges of the hair. The trimmers are more accurate and it consists of equipment which provides good adjustment. The trimmer is also known as Strimmer.

There are different types of trimmers and they are,

  1. Hair Trimmer – General trimmers used to trim hair across different parts of the body
  2. Beard Trimmers – It is used to reduce the beard and mustache hairs and it is also known as mustache trimmer
  3. Ear and Nose Trimmers – This is a specially designed trimmer with special blades which can cut the hair on the internal parts of the human body such as the ears and the nose. There are also eye brow trimmers for making the eye brow thinner for girls.
  4. Bikini Trimmers – This is used by the girls to remove the public hair on their private parts. The use of bikini trimmer has reduced a little after the introduction of hair removing creams like veet.

Hair Clipper

Difference between Hairclipper vs

Hair clipper is used for reducing the hair on the head. The hair clipper is slightly bigger than the trimmer and it cuts the hair in bulk amount. There will be no accurate hair removable like a trimmer can do. The hair clipper is used when there is much hair which has to be cut and the trimmer is used to give the finishing touch. The hair clipper is mostly used to remove the hair on the head. This is also used to remove the hair on the dogs and sheep.

Body Groomer

Difference between Body Groomer vs

It is used to cut the hair in all over the body and uses the similar method of the trimmer to cut the hair but the body groomers don’t come with adjustable heads and so it often result in inconvenient. This is mainly used for removing the hair on the human body. This is also used on the pets.

Electric Shaver (Electric Razor)

Electric Shaver is also known as Electric Razor. It is used to shave (remove hair completely) on the face. This device removes the hair much more than the trimmers. The hair will be shaved off but there will be minute visible spots of hair on the skin. There is no need to apply the shaving gel or cream when shaving with the electric shaver. One can shave much quicker since its an electronic device.


Difference between razor vs

Unlike the above devices, the razor is a mechanical device which means that there is no electricity being involved and you have to just use your hands for shaving. The razor removes the hair completely, not even any visible spots of the hair on the skin.

But you have to use the shaving cream or gel while shaving the hair. Sometimes there is also a possibility to occur skin rashes and dark spots. The skin might become rougher over time while using the razor continuously.

Multi Grooming Kit

The multi grooming kit consist of all attachments such as electric shaver, trimmer, groomer, clipper and ear/nose trimmer. So the pack will consist of many equipments for various purpose but you should always check the components within the kit before buying it.


Difference between Epilator vs

The epilator will remove the hair from the root by plugging it out instead of cutting it and so it will take more time to grow if you remove your hair with it. There will be some pain while removing the hair but you may not notice the pain if you start to use it for more. You have to apply the lotion while removing the hair. This device might not be so flexible to eliminate hair in some body parts.

Professional Barber Scissors

How do you trim a beard with scissors? The scissoring is the traditional way of cutting the hair and you can use it if you know how to do it. Still many people in this world use scissors for trimming and got the stylish beard. You must need to know the proper technique to trim your hair. First, wash the hair with water and dry it with a cloth. You can use a hair comb while slicing your hair.


It is the process of applying hot wax on the skin to remove the hair. There are two different types of waxing techniques. The process might be painful for the beginners and it might remove some of the skin cells along with the hair. The hair regrowth might take few weeks since the hair is removed from the root in this process.

  1. Strip waxing (soft wax) – After applying the hot wax on the skin, a paper or cloth strip is placed above it and then the cloth strip will be quickly removed from the skin in which the hair is being removed.
  2. Strip-less wax – Here the hot wax is applied but there will be no paper or cloth strip placed above it. The wax is allowed to be cool down and the expert removes the wax with less pain from the person’s body.

Hair Removal Creams

The hair removal creams remove the hair without any pain. The cream has to be just applied to the skin and after few minutes, gently clean the cream with the spatula and it will also remove the hair on the spot. Once you were done, wash your skin with the water. You can see the silky smooth hairless skin of your body. Some of the best hair removable creams are the Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream, Veet Fast Acting Gel Cream Hair Removal, Nair Cocoa Butter Lotion, Anne French, Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Kit, Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo.

Being hairless is considered to be the most attractive in the western culture. There are different types of products for giving you the smooth and shiny skin. So choose the one which suits your style and budget. You can also share your comments below.

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