How to find Fake iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nexus smartphones?

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Do you want to find whether your branded smartphone is fake or not? Get the experts guidelines which helps you to distinguish fake mobile phone from the legit one!

What Will I Learn?


Today there are lot of mobile phone brands and there are also the cloned ones which mimics like the real but still there are a lot of difference which helps us to identify the black sheep. I’m one of the victim who had been cheated by the fake phone and so before investing the huge money by just judging the appearance of the smartphone, please read the article carefully to know about the phone exactly. I had recently bought a duplicate Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone and I hope that I can save hundreds of others from buying the fake phones. With the following, you can find fake iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC & Nexus smartphones.

Difference between original and duplicate mobile phones

  1. Authentic Dealer: Always buy the new smartphones from the mobile stores which are authentic and famous among the public. In India, Univercell, Poorvika and The Mobile Store are the authentic shops for getting a new genuine mobile phone.
  2. Verify the IMEI: Every mobile has the IMEI number (including the fake mobiles) which can be viewed by dailing specific numbers which differs according to the mobile brand. After getting the IMEI of your mobile, verify it on the websites/services which detects the brand and mobile model from the IMEI number. If your Mobile is genuine then it will show your correct model and if it is fake then it will show some other mobile brands. To check the IMEI of phone, dial the number *#06# and click call button.
  3. Buy with Bill: Never buy a item without a bill which is the proof that you got the item from the specific dealer and if there is any faults or any problem with the product then the dealer is responsible for the replacement, if it comes with warranty or guaranty.
  4. Mobile Box has IMEI Number: Most original phones has IMEI number printed on its box itself but the fake phones won’t print it on the external phone cover since they feel that it would give them trouble.
  5. Check BenchMark: There are Apps like AnTuTu Benchmark which helps you to find the score of your smartphone and compare the score with the others score of the same model and if your score is too low then yours is a fake. You can get others score from googling online.
  6. Camera Quality is Almost Same: Since people compares the camera more often than the other features, the fake mobile manufacturers are now a days making phones with better camera quality.
  7. Compare with Another: If your friend has an other mobile of same brand and model then check that the appearance of both the mobile are exactly the same.
  8. Won’t Play HD Videos: The high definition videos can be played only on the original phone and fake phones will just play the sound of the video. Make sure you are using video players like MX Player since they are only capable of displaying the HD videos.
  9. Low Mobile Memory: Usually most of the fake phones have 1~2 GB in-built memory and RAM may be same as the original phone.
  10. Poor Performance: The fake phones have dim flash, poor battery performance, hard touch and strange looking S-Pen etc.,.
  11. Buy from Online Shops: You can also buy the original genuine mobile phones from the online shopping stores like Amazon, EBay and FlipKart which will also gives you discount.


For many of us, buying a smartphone means not just a phone but our dream. So, its important to spend time on researching about the device which you likes to buy, analyze all the features of the mobile and compare it with your requirements. Last point, don’t forget to remember / consider the above rules before buying a new mobile phone.