How to Solve BSNL Broadband Frequent Disconnection? [Solution]

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Are you worried about your BSNL broadband internet connection getting disconnected for every minute? Here is the working solution about how to fix the issue by yourself.BSNL is the government owned internet provider in India and the most used broadband network. But the internet gets disconnected for every few minutes for many of the users. Users who are playing online games and downloading the files gets affected due to this problem. There are numerous causes for the disconnection.

Causes of BSNL Internet Disconnection

  • The main reason for the problem is the rust on the telephone wire. There should not be any rust or dust present in the copper which blocks the incoming and outgoing data.
  • Too many joints in the telephone wire. The wire should not have any joints for the continues flow of the signal. Joints makes the connection slow as well as frequent disconnection of the internet.
  • So many coils and folding of the wire will also cause this issue. Foldings can cause the connection to drop frequently. Let the wire be straight to your home from the post.
  • The link will not be stable if the distance of the BSNL exchange to your home is longer. The distance has to be within 5 kms which is good. If the distance gets longer then there can be many cuts and the joints in the underground cable.
  • The rainy and wet weather will also make the internet keeps disconnecting since the water may had entered into the wire. If the wire is old then these problems are likely high to occur.

Fixing the Limited Internet Connection Problem

Hint: Sometimes websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube only works on the BSNL internet and other ordinary sites won’t load or work until it gets redirected to In this case, use the Yandex Browser to browse all the websites

  • Check whether the DSL light is active or blinking or off. If the DSL light is in off and the telephone is working then the connection from box to modem has some issues. The telephone wire goes into the box and 2 output comes from the box, one is for the modem and the other is for the telephone. There should not be any change in the this.
  • Check the SNR of your BSNL connection, you can check it on Enter the User Name: admin and Password: admin. The SNR stands for the signal to noise ration and the SNR (Downstream) has to be above 10.00 dB and anything below will keep the internet disconnecting.
  • Replace the whole  wire from your home to the underground cable into a brand new telephone wire, this will fix many of the problems. Check if there is any noise in the call on your landline phone, if there is noise then you should change the wire.
  • Register a complaint on the BSNL exchange and ask the wireman to work on the problem in case you can’t do it by yourself.
  • To make your BSNL internet connection faster, use Google OpenDNS settings on your PC.
  • You can use Bit Torrent clients like the uTorrent to download your files since the download gets fails in the browser if the internet gets disconnected.

You can switch to BSNL WiMax Wireless internet or Airtel Broadband or to any other fiber optic internet for continuous high speed internet if the problem keep arising.

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