Interview with Avinash D’Silva, the founder of Codologic & Codoforum

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Recently we had got a chance to share some words with the leading developer Avinash D’Silva and he had opened up his mind on this interview. Learn about his career and his experience in web technologies and software.


  1. Codologic is one of best FB like chat box for websites which is also available for free of cost. We have read about codoforum review and many people likes it. Can you please tell us who is behind it?

    Avinash D’ Silva and Adesh D’ Silva are two founders and we have a few people for programming, designing, support and content writing.

  2. How old are you and for how many years you have been in this business?

    I am in my 20’s. We started this business back in 2010.

  3. What all are the products offered by you?

    Codoforum – A Modern Forum Software, CodoPM- Messaging Plugin for Joomla and Codoforum, GradX – This is an opensource gradient selection library, Apart from these, we have made many custom projects for handling game servers and their scores, sentiment analysis and machine learning based projects.

  4. Does any family members help you?

    Yes our parents have been a big support to me.

  5. Mozilla has a similar product known as TogetherJS which has other additional features and it works by just by copy pasting the code instead of installing on the server. Why Codologic requires complex configuration?

    I myself am a big fan of the mozilla community and I myself am a Mozillian. I have conducted a few workshops for mozilla myself. One workshop was for students teaching them PopCorn and Thimble and another one was on TogetherJS. Coming back to your question, Yes, FreiChat is a little complex as compared to TogetherJS. But Freichat runs on your server and is not a hosted solution, all your data resides on your server. It integrates with existing website’s login system and it automatically syncs the avatars, freinds and groups if they exist. All this is not possible with TogetherJS. Customization is not an option in TogetherJS.

  6. What would you do in your free time?

    Read about the latest research in quantum mechanics, play football and help people on coding forums. On weekends, I give my free time to do projects for NGO’s and I’m also an active member of an International Non profit organization.

  7. What do you do in order to keep up with latest tools and technologies?

    Which websites your browse regularly? What is your source of up to date knowledge? What are the technology websites and blogs you are associated with? I keep myself updated by using, It is one of the best places to find tech updates. Most of the scientific community uses that website and so you end up being with like minded people.

  8. How many hours you work?

    I work for around 12 hours a day.

  9. What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?

    Passing those school/college exams hahaha… 😀

  10. What do you think about the future of your business?

    We strongly believe that if the product is good, then people will buy it. So we will strive to build amazingly innovative, stable and secure products with top notch technical support.

  11. Do you think it will continue to be a profitable in the long run?

    Yes our profit progression are very good and is steadily increasing year after year.

  12. Which technology company you like the most – Microsoft/Google/Apple or other?

    I love Google the most because in my opinion they are the most innovative. I beleive Google’s income will be steady as compared to others, so the safest bet would be the Google.

  13. Do you have any Microsoft certifications or other certifications?

    Yeah may be some from Oracle and IIT-Bombay which I got a few years back but those were not at all useful. Everything I do today is all self learnt by painfully going through a lot of iterations of failures and successes.

Techdracula wishes for your bright and wonderful career ahead. We hope that you will launch more innovate projects in the future.

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