Lista de Canales Claro TV Puerto Rico [2018 Channels List]

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¿Quieres conocer la lista de canales de Claro tv en Puerto Rico? Aquí puede obtener la información más reciente. Do you want the channel list of Claro tv in Puerto Rico? Here you can get the latest information.

Lista de Canales Claro TV Puerto Rico (Channels List)

Locales Boricuas

  1.  Channel Name: WKAQ-TV Telemundo
  2.  Channel Name: WAPA-TV WAPA
  3.  Channel Name: WAPA 2 Deportes
  4.  Channel Name: WIPR-TV
  5.  Channel Name: Puerto Rico TV
  6.  Channel Name: WLII-TV Univisión
  7.  Channel Name: Home Shopping Network
  8.  Channel Name: WORO-TV Canal 13
  9.  Channel Name: WJPX-TV
  10.  Channel Name: Canal 24 CV 24
  11.  Channel Name: WMTJ-TV
  12.  Channel Name: Canal 40 Sistema TV
  13.  Channel Name: La Cadena del Milagro (Hispanic Gospel Network)


  1.  Channel Name: Disney Channel
  2.  Channel Name: Disney XD
  3.  Channel Name: HUB
  4.  Channel Name: Discovery Kids Latin America
  5.  Channel Name: ¡Sorpresa!
  6.  Channel Name: PBS Kids Sprout
  7.  Channel Name: Cartoon Network

Cadenas de EEUU

  1.  Channel Name: ABC Puerto Rico
  2.  Channel Name: WSEE CBS
  3.  Channel Name: NBC
  4.  Channel Name: FOX Puerto Rico
  5.  Channel Name: The CW Puerto Rico


  1.  Channel Name: FX
  2.  Channel Name: SyFy
  3.  Channel Name: A&E
  4.  Channel Name: TNT
  5.  Channel Name: ABC Family
  6.  Channel Name: TBS
  7.  Channel Name: USA Network

Estilo de Vida

  1.  Channel Name:
  2.  Channel Name: Latele Novela Network
  3.  Channel Name: HGTV
  4.  Channel Name: Food Network
  5.  Channel Name: E! Entretainment
  6.  Channel Name: E! Entretainment Latin America
  7.  Channel Name: Lifetime
  8.  Channel Name: Lifetime Real Woman
  9.  Channel Name: Bravo
  10.  Channel Name: Cooking Channel
  11.  Channel Name: Ovation TV
  12.  Channel Name: Style
  13.  Channel Name: The Travel Channel


  1.  Channel Name: EXA TV
  2.  Channel Name: MUN2


  1.  Channel Name: Lifetime Movie Network
  2.  Channel Name: Cine Latino
  3.  Channel Name: STARZ East
  4.  Channel Name: STARZ in Black East
  5.  Channel Name: STARZ Kids and Family East
  6.  Channel Name: STARZ Cinema East
  7.  Channel Name: STARZ EDGE East
  8.  Channel Name: STARZ Comedy East
  9.  Channel Name: ENCORE East
  10.  Channel Name: ENCORE Action East
  11.  Channel Name: CINEMAX East
  12.  Channel Name: MOREMAX East
  13.  Channel Name: OUTERMAX East
  14.  Channel Name: ACTIONMAX East
  15.  Channel Name: HBO East
  16.  Channel Name: HBO2 East
  17.  Channel Name: HBO Signature East
  18.  Channel Name: HBO Family East
  19.  Channel Name: HBO Comedy East
  20.  Channel Name: HBO Latino East


  1.  Channel Name: Discovery Channel
  2.  Channel Name: Discovery Channel Latin America
  3.  Channel Name: Investigation Discovery
  4.  Channel Name: The Learning Channel
  5.  Channel Name: The History Channel
  6.  Channel Name: The History Channel Latin America
  7.  Channel Name: The Biography Channel
  8.  Channel Name: The Biography Channel Latin America
  9.  Channel Name: BBC Americas
  10.  Channel Name: National Geographic
  11.  Channel Name: Animal Planet
  12.  Channel Name: Animal Planet Latin America
  13.  Channel Name: Discovery Home & Health
  14.  Channel Name: The Science Channel
  15.  Channel Name: Planet Green
  16.  Channel Name: The Military Channel
  17.  Channel Name: OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network


  1.  Channel Name: ESPN
  2.  Channel Name: ESPN 2
  3.  Channel Name: ESPN Classic
  4.  Channel Name: ESPN News
  5.  Channel Name: ESPN U
  6.  Channel Name: ESPN Deportes
  7.  Channel Name: NBA TV
  8.  Channel Name: SPEED Channel
  9.  Channel Name: Fox Deportes
  10.  Channel Name: Gol TV
  11.  Channel Name: TyC Sports
  12.  Channel Name: Mav TV
  13.  Channel Name: FOX Soccer Channel
  14.  Channel Name: The Golf Channel
  15.  Channel Name: The Tennis Channel
  16.  Channel Name: Fuel TV
  17.  Channel Name: The Outdoor Channel
  18.  Channel Name: Discovery Fit & Health


  1.  Channel Name: CNN
  2.  Channel Name: CNN Headline News
  3.  Channel Name: CNN International
  4.  Channel Name: CNN en Español
  5.  Channel Name: CNBC
  6.  Channel Name: MSNBC
  7.  Channel Name: Al Jazeera
  8.  Channel Name: FOX News


  1.  Channel Name: Televisión Española
  2.  Channel Name: TV Dominicana
  3.  Channel Name: Teleuniverso
  4.  Channel Name: Canal Sur Internacional
  5.  Channel Name: Telefe Internacional
  6.  Channel Name: Antena 3
  7.  Channel Name: TV Chile
  8.  Channel Name: TV Azteca
  9.  Channel Name: The Deutche Welle (DW)


  1. Channel Name: Xtsy
  2. Channel Name: Playboy TV

Alta Definicion

  1.  Channel Name: Food Network HD
  2.  Channel Name: Universal HD
  3.  Channel Name: Discovery Channel HD
  4.  Channel Name: Velocity HD
  5.  Channel Name: TLC HD
  6.  Channel Name: National Geographic HD
  7.  Channel Name: ESPN HD
  8.  Channel Name: ESPN2 HD
  9.  Channel Name: History Latino America HD

These is the Claro TV Channels List for Puerto Rico and if you have anymore doubts then please ask below.

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