Manitou Major Inspections: How to Cut the Costs

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Manitou major inspections are an exceedingly important part in the life of any Manitou vehicle, and they are essential if you want to ensure that your vehicle continues to meet Australian Operational Health and Safety Standards (OH & S). Some vehicle owners are afraid to book their vehicle in for the appropriate Manitou major inspections, because they are afraid that the inspection could result in a lot of extra costs for them.

However, you should always remember that Manitou major inspections are a lot less expensive than the costs which are associated with a lawsuit or paying damages if your vehicle injures someone due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Here are some tips to help you to reduce the costs which are associated with Manitou major inspections:



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Be a smart buyer

When you are buying your Manitou, you should check whether any Manitou major inspections are included in the cost of the vehicle.

Some vehicle purchases will include early Manitou major inspections in the starting price, however many people do not realise this, and end up taking their vehicle to an external contractor to have it serviced.

It may also be possible to add or extend the service package when you are buying the vehicle, so it is always worthwhile to ask in the showroom before you put pen to paper.

Making use of deals and offers like these can help to save you money on the initial cost of Manitou major inspections.


Respect your vehicle

One of the main ways of saving money on your Manitou major inspections is to make sure that you respect your vehicle at all times.

If you treat your vehicle as you should, it should sail though Manitou major inspections and annual inspections with ease, and it is unlikely that you will have to shell out for any seriously costly repairs.

However, if you do not treat your vehicle with respect, it is more likely to break down or develop problems which could end up being very costly to fix.

Treating your vehicle with respect can include driving it in a careful and considered way, not exceeding specified weight limits for the vehicle and checking the vehicle over for hazards before every use.

If you do notice any minor issues with your vehicle when you are checking it over, you should always consult with a qualified Manitou expert as soon as you can, rather than waiting until your main inspection, because fixing problems promptly can help to prevent them from becoming much worse.

Use a reputable firm

Make sure that you book early for your Manitou major inspections, or else some unscrupulous companies will try to make more money than they should out of you.

These companies will claim that you have problems with your vehicle that need fixing, whereas in actually fact, your vehicle is in perfect working order.

If you get your Manitou service at a company which does not already have a top reputation, they may tell you that specific Manitou parts need replacing, and then they will not actually replace these parts at all.

This means that you will be charged a lot of money for work that has not been done.

If you are planning on using a firm that you have not had previous experience with, make sure that you look at reviews for that company, so that you know that you will be getting a good deal.

If you cannot find any reviews for the company that you are looking at, you will still be able to use the internet to see whether they have a good reputation.