Mediatek vs Qualcomm snapdragon vs Exynos vs Spreadtrum vs Intel?

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Do you want to know the best chipset among¬†Mediatek, Samsung¬†Exynos, Snapdragon Qualcomm, Intel Atom, Spreadtrum and¬†hisilicon kirin? We help you to decide which one you should choose.¬†Please note¬†that there are various models in each of those chipsets. These are actually SoC (System-on-a-Chip) which contains ¬†CPU, bluetooth, GPS, LTE, sensors, wifi & more¬†and not just the processor. All the Mediatek, Qualcomm¬†Snapdragon, Samsung¬†Exynos and Spreadtrum¬†uses the ARM model processor except Intel which uses Intel Atom processor. Let’s see their major difference, advantages and disadvantages over the other.

What Will I Learn?


Is Mediatek processor good or bad? It is a¬†Taiwanese company who makes mobile SoC for cheaper price. That’s why you can see Mediatek chipset¬†on low budget phones like Micromax, Lava and Chinese mobiles. Mediatek produces the chipsets with most number of cores such as the hexa core and deca core. They makes the better performing midrange chipsets for low price. Concerns:¬†It starts to produce heat during multitasking and the heat causes the battery to drain fast. Even though they promised that their new chipset models will won’t have the issue, it’s not fix yet and the problem remains. The performance of Mediatek goes down when the device becomes older.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

The Qualcomm¬†is an US based chipset manufacturer and usually their Snapdragon¬†chipsets are costly over the Mediatek¬†but there are also cheaper ones. The¬†Snapdragon chipsets doesn’t have the heating problem except the Snapdragon 801. The Snapdragon¬†concentrates on making high-end chipsets for higher price. These are one of the best processors with best overall performance. They have¬†Heterogeneous computing which means that each of the units in the SoC can work independently. Example: The image processing unit can process the images and videos taken by the camera into digital form with minimal battery usage while the other units in the SoC like CPU can work independently. In case of Mediatek,¬†CPU and GPU are also involved in the process which will result in more battery usage.

Samsung Exynos

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 vs Samsung Exynos 8890: Benchmark Performance

Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890: Benchmark Performance

Above you can see the benchmark performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 vs Samsung Exynos 8890. The Exynos processors comes with the Samsung mobiles and tablets. Its also found in other products such as in Meizu mobiles. Samsung is also uses Snapdragon chipsets in some of their smartphones. Even though Exynos has better graphics performance many gamers had reported that Exynos causes lagging problem while playing some games.


Spreadtrum is a Chinese company who makes the low priced chipsets due to their cheap labour work force. This SoC is more like the Mediatek but Mediatek is more popular. So you can find more information and the support for Mediatek than the Spreadtrum. However Spreadtrum is more popular in China but recently Mediatek has started to capture its market share in China while Spreadtrum started to increase its market share in India.

Intel Atom SoC

Intel is the dominant processor for the computer and they have recently started making chipsets for smartphones. Intel chipsets has hyperthreading enabled which is better¬†for multitasking. There is no lagging and all the process will be in lighting speed. Their processors on PC consumes more power with significant amount of heat which is not a big problem for PCs and their mobile chipsets consumes more power with some heat when comparing to snapdragon. The battery life is good but isn’t¬†as good as the snapdragon.¬†Very few mobile phones uses the intel atom us there chipset such as the ZenFone Zoom and the ZenFone 2.

Huawei hisilicon kirin

Hisilicon kirin chipsets are made by Huawei and are known for their low battery consumption but when it comes to the performance it falls behind all other major chipsets. They are now working hard to improve the GPU performance and the features of the SoC.

SpecsMediaTekSnapdragonExynosIntel Atom
ProducerMediaTek, TaiwanQualcomm, USASamsung, South KoreaIntel, USA
GPUPowerVR / Mali SeriesAdreno SeriesPowerVR / Mali SeriesPowerVR Series
Max cores1,2,4,6,8,101,2,4,6,81,2,4,6,84
Processor Type32-Bit & 64-Bit32-Bit & 64-Bit32-Bit & 64-Bit64-Bit
Used bySmartphones, TabletsSmartphones, Tablets, SmartbookSmartphones, Tablets, SmartbookSmartphones, Tablets, Netbook
Battery & Power usage HigherLowLowMedium
PerformanceModerate to GoodHighHighVery Good
CostCheaperExpensiveModerately PricedModerately Priced

Which chipset are you using in your mobile phone and tablet? Which you like the better? Tell us below in the comments.