How much is the Telehandler’s maximum lifting capacity?

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Do you want to know how much as maximum that you can lift using a Telehandler? Here you can learn about it.

The telescopic handler is a heavy duty machine that has simplified a plethora of tasks in various industries, especially at construction sites. This machine though resembles a fork lift, it is far better than it in terms of performance since it can perform tasks that the fork lift cannot. The long arm of this machine, also called the boom, makes it more functional than the forklift. The boom makes it easy for this machine to reach places that are beyond the reach of the small forklift. Though the long arm of the telescopic handlers makes it similar to the crane, it is functionally superior to the crane too. The fact that the arm is movable and designed differently from that of the traditional cranes gives it the superiority over the latter.

There are various telescopic handler models which can handle different amount of loads at different heights.

  • The¬†JCB 560-80 WASTEMASTER can lift¬†6000 kg but only up to¬†8.1 metre.

  • The CAT¬†TH514 can lift only¬†2000 kg but can lift upto¬†14 metre.

The role of the telescopic handler at construction sites cannot be undermined. The tapering end of the boom can be connected to a number of attachments to simplify various tasks at construction sites. High rises have become a common sight in countries all over the world. Though these buildings are a pleasant to the eyes once they are ready, there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome during the construction phase. While the forklift can only carry heavy loads vertically, it is the telescopic handlers that play a critical role in transporting heavy goods from one level to the other vertically. Relying on manual labour instead of this machine can set you back by a huge amount of money as well as time.

The telescopic handler is a machine that can be used to carry men as well from one level to the other while performing certain tasks. For example, apply paint to the exteriors of a tall building using ropes is highly risky. Instead, you can connect the man basket attachment to the telescopic handlers to perform this task efficiently with minimal risk.

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