Playstation 4 Vs Xbox One

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Here we compare Sony Playstation 4 one on one against the Microsoft Xbox One from panel to performance. Find the real winner among the top 2 big giants in the gaming console industry.

What Will I Learn?


The PS4 is smaller than the Xbox One and looks more stylish while the Xbox is just a big black box. The PS4 weighs only 2.75 Kg and the Xbox One weights 3.55 Kg. The Playstation 4 has the breath of 10.8 inches, length of 12 inches and height of 2 inches. The Xbox has the breath of 13.5 inches, length of 10.4 inches and height of 3.2 inches. Winner: Playstation 4 is the hero while the Xbox is the big black monster.

Joystick of Xbox looks more stylish than the PS4 and the design doesn’t matter much since it’s most just gonna sit be on your room and the gaming is what really matters.


The Xbox One has more connectivity options like gigabit ethernet, 802.11 WiFi bands b/g/n and the older 802.11a band. The PS4 has all those except the older 802.11a band. Both the older 2.4GHz and newer 5GHz channels are supported in Xbox but the PS2 supports only the newer 5GHz chennel. More wires and cables are involved while connecting the Xbox One with the TV but its just a single cable is involved in connecting the PS4 with the television and this makes your living room neat. The Xbox One has three USB 3.0 USB ports while the PS4 has only 2 USB ports. Winner: Xbox One.


Both the consoles has the inbuilt hard drive. In PS4 you can replace the hard disc with a higher capacity hard disc but it didn’t support the external hard disc through USB. The Xbox One supports the external hard disc through one of its USB port but the memory of the external hard disc has to be 256GB or more. Replacing the builtin hard drive will nullify the warranty so you can use only the external hard disc. Winner: Xbox One.

Integration with Windows

The Xbox One can be integrated with the Windows 10 since both are the Microsoft products. This gives you more additional options. This is one of the advantage of buying the Xbox One over the Playstation 4.

Console Price

The PS4 console is cheaper than the around $100 dollars cheaper than the Xbox One console. So, if you are in a limited budget then you can go with the PS4 rather than its counterpart.

Games Price

You have to spend more money for buying the gaming CDs for the Xbox One since it’s costly than the Playstation 4 game CDs. So, if you buy PS4 then you can save some money while buying the gaming CDs for it.

Virtual Reality Games

Do you want to stop playing the game and need to go into the game? Virtual reality will give you the new gaming experience. You can connect Sony PlayStation VR with the PS4 and play virtual reality games at your home. You can connect Xbox and Oculus Rift to Windows 10 and play the virtual reality games.

Nowadays gaming consoles just gives more options such as recording the games, surfing the internet, online multiplayer with other players and a lot of exciting options. If you have a lot of money then you can just buy and try all the gaming consoles and use which you like the best.