Please select a Virtual Optical Disk File: What to do?

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Is your virtual machine asking for a Virtual Optical Disk File? Learn here what file you have to choose and how to handle the process.

You need to download the Virtual Optical Disk File of the operating system which you want to install on your virtual machine. You can download this from the web or you might have it in your CD.

  • If you want to integrate your virtual machine’s CD drive with your original CD drive, then choose Host Drive .
  • To insert an ISO image in your virtual CD drive, then you have to click Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file and browse for the ISO image.

To get the Virtual Optical Disk File, Search Google:

  • Download mac.iso – For installing Mac OS in your virtual machine.
  • Download Windows 7.iso – For installing Windows 7 OS in your virtual machine.
  • Download Linux.iso –  For installing Linux OS in your virtual machine.

The iso file will contain all the data of the OS which you need for installing your virtual machine. You just have to browse and choose the file for the installation process. Then everything will be running smoothly.

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