10 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC is the Better One

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Fallout 4 consist of various DLC but Nuka World looks the better one. In this article, we are explaining why it is the better one than the other DLCs. You definitely should give a try to the new Nuka World to experience it yourself.

Fallout 4 Nuka World DLC

fallout 4 nuka world

If you love shooting games then you would love the Fallout. Already there are 3 parts of the game released previously and now the 4th part is being released. You can enhance your gaming experience by downloading the Fallout 4 addons. Below we explain what Nuka World has.

  1. In Nuka world, you will get a bigger open world with more exciting features.
  2. There is an emotional attachments to the killings and not just the regular headshots.
  3. At the starting, you will be the member of a gang but you have to complete different levels to become the gang leader which is the top position.
  4. You have to fight with the other gang members to reduce the competition for the area and weapons.
  5. It will be fun to use various weapons while fighting with your opponents and enemies. Headshots and other attacks can also be used to finish off your enemies.
  6. There are many zones in the Nuka world which you will enjoy playing on.
  7. I played the game, it was fun to shoot animals like rats, spiders, mouse, bulls and weird creatures. You will also get help from your dog which is really cool.
  8. Be safe, there are traps and bullshit everywhere in the game. So keep yourself and the dog safe.
  9. You can also play the minigames in the game such as the basketball, beat the balls and few more.
  10. If you love story based games and shooting games, then you would love Nuka world DLC for the fallout 4.

The main problem with the Nuka world is that the users are facing some serious problems. The beta version of this DLC has not worked for many people who had downloaded it. Thus the release date of the alpha version has postponed.

There are some possible ways to make the addon work for you. All you have to do is to, do a hard reset of your system and now try again if it’s working or not. Most probably, it will work since the settings has been reset to the basics. So, now you can enjoy playing the game without any trouble.

If you have any questions or comments then please let us know by commenting below and we are happy to answer you. Always buy the original game CDs and equipments and avoid other ways. This is our request for all the gamers out there.