Skid steer safety tips to adhere to at all times [Please read before you use]

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There is no doubt that the skid steer is one of the most useful heavy duty machines in use today. From carrying huge bags of grains to transporting heavy logs, these machines can perform a plethora of tasks in every industry. Unfortunately, it is also true that the improper use of the skid steers is one of the main reasons for many accidents at the workplace. Each year, companies shell out millions of dollars towards personal injury claims, expenditure that can be completely eliminated if a few safety tips are borne in mind at all times.



The primary safety tip is to choose the right skid steer either at the time of purchase or hire. There is a huge variety available based on various factors including the size, weight limitations and many more. The weight limitation of the skid steers is one of the main aspects to consider while making the choice since overloading is one of the leading causes of accidents caused due to bobcats. Have clarity on the type of work that needs to be performed by the bobcats and buy the ones that can work with heavy loads if you intend to use it to carry heavy items from one place to the other.

The second safety tip is to hire a well trained operator to operate the machine. Overlooking this aspect is one of the commonly committed mistakes that results in fatalities and damage to property. Since the skid steer works with heavy loads, chances of fatalities are high if the machine is not operated in the right manner. Only a trained operator will know the nuances of operating the machine to perfection without compromising on the safety aspect. Trained operators will be able to connect the attachments perfectly to the skid steers and perform the prerequisite safety checks before putting it to use.

The third safety tip is to use the right attachments to perform the task on hand. Using a trencher to remove a stump or a bucket in place of the man basket is calling for trouble. Leading manufacturers such as Digga, Manitou and others manufacture a plethora of attachments for skid steers so they can be used for various purposes. Ranging for snow plows to stump grinders, there is a skid steer attachment available for every perceivable task. Ensure the attachment is compatible with the bobcat too before purchasing or hiring one.

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