Telescopic Handler Gold Card Serving an Important Purpose

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The need for telescopic handler gold card arises because of the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations which mandates employers to live up to certain obligations for the betterment and safety of the employees. A major aspect of this act covers the importance of proper work conditions and also of training received by the employees. That is why the telehandler gold card courses are offered by many institutions to cater to the needs of the employers who have the duty of care to provide their employees with all the necessary training. Besides, there is the need to maintain a formal proof or evidence of the training that the employees have undergone.

The telehandler gold card courses involve a few hours of training, both theoretical and practical, where the functions and operation of a telehandler are demonstrated by certified and well trained instructors. The telescopic handler gold card is offered to those employees who have successfully cleared the training and hence are eligible to take up the job of operating the telescopic handler at the work site. Usually the training is for telehandlers with 3 ton capacity or under. The course covers a lot of aspects including the use of attachments and work platforms of specified lengths. It is important to note that a lifting capacity of more than 3 tons or more usually demands that the operator has a Full Worker Crane license which comes under the high risk category.

The telehandler gold card courses of about 4 or more hours usually include theory as well as practical assessment. The certification is received first as an interim record of training as per Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia Inc. standards. The operators are trained about practical safe operation of equipment and about standard procedures like using the logbook, controlling measures to counter hazards and performing operational checks. The telescopic handler gold card is also a good measure of identifying which operator is safe and hence can handle the responsibility that comes with powerful equipment. It also greatly lowers the risk involved in operating telehandlers considering that trained instructors take up the courses for the operators who attend the training. Moreover, all the major manufacturers and users of the equipment and those who supply parts and attachments are collaborating in this scheme. This gives it a lot more credibility and impetus coupled with the duty of care of employers which makes it a legal requirement.

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