5 Things You Should Not Do While Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

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Pokemon go players have landed up in jail, some got robbed, some have died in accidents and some have shot dead by others. There are some things that you should never do while playing this game. Read this article to find out how to play ‘Pokemon go’ safely.

Pokemon go highwayMost video games are designed to play indoors under the comfort of your home but Pokemon go has designed to involve the players physically in the game. So, you might need to walk, run, drive or even swim to unknown places to play the game. This is the highlight of this game. Some players gives all their attention and focus into the games but not to their surroundings. This is where it gets dangerous.

#Don’t Play The Game On Cliff, Hills & Slopes

Pokemon Go don't do

Pokemons can be anywhere. Cliff and hills may sounds like a good place to catch some wild pokemons but there are many chances for the players to fall down. In Encinitas, California (outside San Diego), there were two people, one after the other falls 90-foot drop while trying to catch the pokemon. They were found unconscious and later admitted in the hospital.

#Don’t Go To The Highway

Pokemon go accidents

Everyone knows that walking on the middle of the highway is dangerous and can be hit by one of the vehicles moving in high speed. But Pokemon players have gone nuts and got hit by the cars. This has not happened once or twice, there were several incidents. Now Pokemon go becomes more dangerous than the drunken drivers. If this continues there might be a ban to play the game.

#Aware of Your Things & Money

Pokemon go robbery

A man and a teenager in Las Vegas tried to rob things of the Pokemon go players. Gary Reese Freedom Park in Las Vegas attracts a lot of Pokemon go players and this attracts the thieves too. The Robbers shows the gun to the players and asked them to give their money. But one of the player had a gun and shot the robber. At last, the robber and a player got admitted in the hospital as the result of the gun fight. Robbers feels the Pokemon players as the easy target and tries to steal their properties.

#Dont Break Into The Private Property

Pokemon go Private Property Keep Out

Pokemon go players are crazy enough to enter into private properties and capture their pokemons. Some had even entered into the police stations and got arrested. That’s really stupid. A teen boy got killed while trying to enter the neighbours home at night to capture the rare pokemon. The widow who was living alone in the house got terrified after hiring the sound of someone trying to enter her house at the middle of the night. She then used her deceased husband’s 9mm pistol and shot the teenager at couple of times. He died while on his way to the hospital. Trespassing into private property should be avoided.

#Dont Play The Game On The Fake Apps

Pokemon go haven’t released for many countries due to the insufficient servers. Numerous Pokemon go players on Australia reports server issues. Thus the game haven’t available to many parts of the world. Due to the high popularity of the game, many fake versions of the game are made and is revolving around the web. When using such fake apps, personal date of the users are hacked and ads to adult website starts to appear on the mobile. So if the game is not available to your country then just wait until for its official release.