13 third party apple watch bands which are better than the official bands

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Do you want a new look to your Apple watch? There are third party apple watch bands which you can use as the replacement for the official bands which comes as default.

The Apple watch comes in different bands officially but these bands doesn’t fit for all. You can choose a better one from third party. We have listed the best looking bands for you. You can also check the top selling Apple Watch and iPhone charging stands.


L Soug Apple Watch Band

LSoug Apple Watch Band

Only the Apple watch original comes with magnetic lock. If you want a stainless steel band with instant milanese loop magnetic lock then you can choose LSoug Apple Watch Band. It is 38mm Stainless Steel Bracelet Strap. The length of the band is 225mm and it’s width is 20mm. The texture is smooth, exquisite and has a brilliant luster.

National Flag Color 42mm Band

US Nation Flag Color Apple Watch Band

Is there any better color combination than the US national flag? The band is lightweight made from silicon and it will feel like your own skin. It is very flexible. Show your patriotism with this new band.

iWatch Strap for Girls

Apple watch band for girls

This strap is made specially for girls in mind but it also looks good on guys. This band fits perfectly on your apple watch. You can attach it easily and remove it easily with just one click.The total length of the band is 118mm + 98mm.

Oittm iWatch Band 42mm Classic Stainless Steel Bracelet

Classic Stainless Steel Link Watch

We felt love on the first slight on this classic stainless steel Bracelet. You can remove the links in the chain (up to 8 links) to reduce the length.  You will also get one chain link remover, one screwdriver and one needle for the removal process. The weight of the band is 3.2 ounces.

Apple Watch Genuine Leather Band 38mm &42mm

Apple watch leather band

The leader band looks good for cowboys and bike riders. It will also suit for the normal people. The band is also available in the other colors and not just the brown. The band is tough and will lost long. There are nine holes for the pin lock.

LSoug Apple Leather Watch Band

Apple watch black leather

This band comes with the magnetic lock and so it will fit perfectly for all wrists. It has the thickness of 2mm, length of 185mm + 55mm and the breath of 25mm. The price of the band is $21.19 but it can vary over time.

These are some of the best bands for your Apple watch but you can also view other available bands.

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FanTEK Soft Silicone Sport Style Apple Watch Band

Black colour sport band for apple watch

The watch is very comfortable and also durable for sports person during their activities. It consists of many colors in it and also made from high quality material.The band comes with both side lugs which lock onto apple watch securely and preciously and suitable only for 38 mm model Apple watch only.

JSGJMY Apple Watch Band

soft band for Apple watch

This band makes us to look modern with its soft leather that comes with water proof for Apple watch that suits for  Series 1 and also Series 2.It consist of two magnetic closure that looks very simple but delightful. Buckle are made by durable stainless steel and tight fit with adjust strap holes.This band comes in different colors enjoy your color which you like.

Fantasia De Feleurs Apple watch band 

unique design Apple watch band


The band looks very stylish with its unique design.It comes in 2 unique design and also the band is very soft for skin and also it doesn’t create any allergy for skin.The band is  full design by very mine art on white base looks differently. The another design is made of with black base of white art.The band fit for 42mm Apple watch with both Small and medium.

Leather Retro colorful horizontal stripes

The watch made up of genuine grade A leather with stylish craft.The strap made of multi color that looks differently beautiful in our wrist. This watch highly attracted by girls for their wrist.The band is made for 32 mm apple watch but not for 42mm.

TIRE TREAD Sport Silicone Apple Watch Band

tyre shape apple watch

The band is stylish and unique tire shape design which suits for both sports and office purpose and also you can wear in your wrist when going to gym.The band is weightless and having secured by superior adapter. The channels which are evaporative that allow the air to circulate while biking ,hiking or during workout.The band is suited for 42 mm Apple watch.The wide of the wrist band is 1 inch.The band is best suited for men.

Mr.Pro Genuine Leather Smart Watch Band Cuff Strap

Double tour Apple watch band

The band design is different from other ordinary leather design it is made off cuff band design.This allow the heart rate sensor is stay in contact with the wrist which is very helpful during workout to note it correctly,having beautiful cut in leather and stainless steel buckles and elongated look.It having metal adapter is secured.It is fit for only 42 mm Apple watch series but not for 32 mm.

Wrist Classic Bracelet Strap Bands for iWatch

nylon wrist band for Apple watch


The band directly replace 38 mm Apple watch by easy way.The band which consist of metal clasp.The strap is made up of high Quality nylon which look fashioned and also this one is durable and elegant.It having precise cut holes  to fit well on most wrist.The band comes in two shades : black and pink.In this Pink look very attractive when compared to black.This band comes for both 38 mm and 42 mm Apple watch.Before your order check with the band which you order is for 38 mm or 42 mm.Very best choice of girls.

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