Yes TV by Optus Fetch TV Channels List 2018 [Updated] [Latest]

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Do you want to know the Fetch TV Channels List? Here you can find all the channels available in the Yes TV by Optus Fetch.

Fetch TV Channels List with Numbers

Below you can see the name, number, genre and packages available in the Fetch TV for Australia.

Channel NumberChannel NameLanguageGenrePackage
100Movies Now ShowingEnglishPreviewEntertainment Pack
101TVH!TSEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
102MTVEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
103E!EnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
104Style NetworkEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
105BBC FirstEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
106UKTVEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
107Universal ChannelEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
108Comedy CentralEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
109SyfyEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
112SpikeEnglishGeneral EntertainmentEntertainment Pack
113Optus Sport 1EnglishSportsOptus Sport
115ESPNEnglishSportsEntertainment Pack
116ESPN2EnglishSportsEntertainment Pack
117beIN Sports 1EnglishSportsbeIN Sports
121National Geographic ChannelEnglishDocumentaryEntertainment Pack
123Nat Geo WildEnglishDocumentaryEntertainment Pack
124BBC KnowledgeEnglishDocumentaryEntertainment Pack
126HGTVEnglishLifestyleEntertainment Pack
127Food NetworkEnglishLifestyleEntertainment Pack
130Nat Geo PeopleEnglishDocumentaryEntertainment Pack
133Travel ChannelEnglishLifestyleEntertainment Pack
138Fashion TVEnglishLifestyleEntertainment Pack
139MTV MusicEnglishMusicEntertainment Pack
141MTV DanceEnglishMusicEntertainment Pack
142C Music TVEnglishMusicEntertainment Pack
143eGG NetworkEnglishGamingEntertainment Pack
144Disney ChannelEnglishChildrenEntertainment Pack
145Disney JuniorEnglishChildrenEntertainment Pack
146NickelodeonEnglishChildrenEntertainment Pack
147Nick Jr.EnglishChildrenEntertainment Pack
150BabyTVEnglishChildrenEntertainment Pack
160Horse & CountryEnglishSportsHorse & Country
179CNNEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
180BBC World NewsEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
181CNBC AsiaEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
182Bloomberg TelevisionEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
183France 24EnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
184EuronewsEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
185NDTV 24×7EnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
186Channel NewsAsiaEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
187Al Jazeera EnglishEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
188CCTV NewsEnglishNewsEntertainment Pack
699News 18 IndiaEnglishNewsHindi
197Hillsong ChannelEnglishChristianHillsong (Free)
199Australian Christian ChannelEnglishChristianEntertainment Pack
203OvationEnglishDocumentaryEntertainment Pack
210Chart HitsEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
211PopEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
212Easy MixEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
213PartyEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
214Club DanceEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
215UrbanEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
216Rock ClassicEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
217Rock HitsEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
218Home GrownEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
219IndieEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
220LoungeEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
221GroovesEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
222JazzEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
223Country & WesternEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
224ClassicalEnglishRadioEntertainment Pack
600Rai ItaliaItalianForeign LanguageItalian
601Rai World PremiumItalianForeign LanguageItalian
602Rai News 24ItalianForeign LanguageItalian
603Mediaset ItaliaItalianForeign LanguageItalian
700Zee PunjabiHindiForeign LanguageHindi
701NDTV IndiaHindiForeign LanguageHindi
702Star PlusHindiForeign LanguageHindi
703Zee TVHindiForeign LanguageHindi
704ColorsHindiForeign LanguageHindi
705Life OK!HindiForeign LanguageHindi
706&TVHindiForeign LanguageHindi
707Zee CinemaHindiForeign LanguageHindi
708Star GoldHindiForeign LanguageHindi
709NDTV Good TimesHindiForeign LanguageHindi
710PTC PunjabiHindiForeign LanguageHindi
711MTV IndiaHindiForeign LanguageHindi
712ZingHindiForeign LanguageHindi
713SETHindiForeign LanguageHindi
714SABHindiForeign LanguageHindi
715Sony MaxHindiForeign LanguageHindi
716Geo EntertainmentHindiForeign LanguageHindi
717ARY DigitalHindiForeign LanguageHindi
718HUM TVHindiForeign LanguageHindi
719Times NowHindiForeign LanguageHindi
720ZoomHindiForeign LanguageHindi
721ET NowHindiForeign LanguageHindi
722RishteyHindiForeign LanguageHindi
723Geo NewsHindiForeign LanguageHindi
724UTV MoviesHindiForeign LanguageHindi
725BindassHindiForeign LanguageHindi
726Sun NewsTamilForeign LanguageSun South Indian
727Sun TVTamilForeign LanguageSun South Indian
728KTVTamilForeign LanguageSun South Indian
729Adithya TVTamilForeign LanguageSun South Indian
730Sun MusicTamilForeign LanguageSun South Indian
731Gemini NewsTeluguForeign LanguageSun South Indian
732Gemini TVTeluguForeign LanguageSun South Indian
733Gemini MoviesTeluguForeign LanguageSun South Indian
734Gemini ComedyTeluguForeign LanguageSun South Indian
735Gemini MusicTeluguForeign LanguageSun South Indian
800CCTV-4ChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall) or TVB Cantonese
801CCTV OperaChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
802CCTV EntertainmentChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
803China Movie ChannelChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
804Beijing TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
805Shanghai Dragon TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall) or TVB Cantonese
806Guangdong Southern TV (TVS)ChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
807Jinagsu InternationalChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
808Hunan World TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
809Fujian Straits TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
810China Yellow RiverChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
811Zhejiang International ChannelChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
812China Anhui TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
813Chongqing TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
814Phoenix InfoChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall) or TVB Cantonese
816Celestial Classic MoviesEnglishMoviesEntertainment Pack
826KMTVKoreanForeign LanguageKorean
827KBS WorldKoreanForeign LanguageKorean
831TianjinChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
832SichaunChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
833GuangxiChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
834Taishan TVChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
835XiamenChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
836ShenzhenChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall)
837Phoenix ChineseChineseForeign LanguageChinese
(The Great Wall) or TVB Cantonese
844ONE (Korean)KoreanForeign LanguageKorean
846TVNKoreanForeign LanguageKorean
849ArirangKoreanForeign LanguageKorean
858Kapatid TV5FilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
859Aksyon InternationalFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
860GMA Pinoy TVFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
861GMA Life TVFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
862DZBBFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
863DWLSFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
864GMA NewsFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
865Viva TV PlusFilipinoForeign LanguagePinoy
886TVB JadeChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
887TVB Xing HeChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
888TVB NewsChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
889TVB LifestyleChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
890TVB JuniorChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
891Mei Ah MoviesChineseForeign LanguageTVB Cantonese
980–989Optus Sport 1–10EnglishSportsOptus Sport
999Sneak PeekEnglishPreviewEntertainment Pack

We will update this page once new channels are being added by the Fetch to its Yes TV. For further information, ask below.

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