18650 Rechargeable Battery Specifications & Features [Review]

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No more use and throw batteries when we have the 18650 rechargeable batteries. In this review, you can learn about the specs and concerns of 18650 rechargeable battery.

18650 Rechargeable Battery Specs & Cons

18650 Rechargeable Battery Size

One of the main advantage of using the 18650 battery is that we can use it again by charging it. You can buy this battery from $4 to $20 price range. The quality of the battery varies from product to product. If you want a quality one then buy the one from either Panasonic, Samsung, LG or Sony who makes long lasting batteries.

The battery has a length of 65mm and diameter of 18mm. It can produce 3.7 volts and has the capacity of 2500mAh but these properties can be slightly vary according to the manufacturer. You can also see: List of battery sizes and their volts.

The batteries made made by the Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic are same in size and are compatible with all 18650 battery slot. But the batteries made by the Chinese companies differs in size slightly and have low performance and usually doesn’t last longer. These low quality 18650 batteries might have same output as the quality one but the capacity to hold the power is less which means they will become empty sooner than the quality ones.

The GTF 9900 battery (a Chinese product) claims it has 9900 mAh/Amps capacity but when testing it, it only had only 500 milliampere. So avoid such these cheap products and buy the branded ones which has the same capacity as they mentioned.

You will also need a charger for charging the 18650 batteries. There are chargers where you can charge 2 batteries or 4 batteries or even more batteries at a same time. There are chargers which has 4.27 output voltage and 4.20 output voltage. Make sure that you are using the 4.20 voltage charger since using a charger with higher voltage more than 4.20 will damage the battery.

The charging time of the 18650 battery is from 4 to 8 hours. Usually the charger will have a LED indicator to display the charging status. Don’t over charge it above the recommended time since it will harm the battery. Also don’t overuse it / dry the battery below 2.5 volts then the charger cannot recharge the battery again. There are also solar chargers available. You have to mount a solar panel in the roof of your home and can charge the batteries with the solar power instead of the electricity supply from your home. So you can save the power and cost.

You can use these batteries for power banks, laptops, flashlights, remote controls, wall clocks and in other gadgets. Please note: It is a criminal offense to send these batteries in post mails in many countries. If you have any further question then please let us know.

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