Amazon old mobile / products exchange terms and conditions [Updated]

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Do you want to exchange your old products & mobiles from your trash and exchange them with a new product on Amazon? Learn here the terms & conditions and how to do it.

Amazon Exchange Offer Terms and Conditions

Your old products will no longer occupy space on your home. You can just exchange them with brand new products on Amazon. But there are some criteria for doing that and let’s see what all are they in detail below.

  1. You must be the owner or must possess full rights for the product which you likes to exchange. It should not be a stolen or illegal item.
  2. The product must be in working condition without any broken parts. Scratches, color loss and used marks are acceptable. You must provide the products details such as IMEI number in case of mobile and other informations, if asked.
  3. If your mobile has 2 IMEI numbers then you can just give one of them which is enough.
  4. Amazon has right to cancel the offer if the information provided by you is wrong or misleading.
  5. The old product should be original. Duplicates and counterfeit products and parts are not accepted.
  6. You must be ready to give the old product when receiving the new product. If you fail then the offer will be cancelled.
  7. You should erase all the user data from your old device. Amazon or the new owner will not be responsible for the deletion or retrieval of the old data. So double check everything on your device is deleted and can’t be retrieved again.
  8. Only the products from same category can be exchanged such as new mobile for old mobile, new laptop for old laptop and not a new mobile for an old laptop.
  9. Only one old product is acceptable for getting a new product. You can’t exchange 2 or more old products for getting a new product.
  10. You will get certain discount on your new product based on number of factors and different products and brands have different exchange rate.
  11. Information about you may be stored in the records for the future reference.
  12. You might not get special offers on the new product in the exchange offer.
  13. Once you exchange your product then you can’t get it back under any circumstance. So think whether you really want to sell (exchange) the product or not.
  14. The new owner will have the full rights to your old product and he/she can do anything with the product.
  15. If you have got any products as a gift from NGOs or government then such products can’t be exchanged.
  16. According to the agreement, you agree that you will not bring any claim against Amazon or to the new owner or the persons affiliated with Amazon.
  17. Also you are responsible to protect Amazon from any third party claims on the product you exchange.
  18. The are also few more terms and conditions that will apply when you exchange your product. These terms and conditions can be changed by Amazon anytime without any prior notice.

These are the rules and criteria which you should accept for exchanging your old products such as your smartphone in the Amazon exchange offer. So keep these in mind. Have more doubts? Ask us below!

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