Apple watch battery extender [Charge the watch on the go in your wrist]

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Do you want to charge your Apple watch on the go? The Apple watch battery extenders are the cases which can charge your Apple watch. This facility comforts people in better way. In this Article, we have provided a list of Apple watch battery extender / smart bands with their features. Read more about them here in this post.

Apple watch battery life is from 18 hours up to 24 hours in normal use. If you go for work out battery life will stay only for 6.5 hours, for music play then the battery life is for 6.5 hours and also if you use it voice call then the battery life will stay only for 3 hours practically, after that we have to charge it again for further use and also at the same time it is difficult in our daily busy schedule to take charger, dock and other things with us where ever we go. At the same time it is not comfort. So expert worked on this to determine solution for it and they finally found this Apple watch battery extender to charge watch while wearing on your wrist itself [You can also read tricks to increase Apple watch battery life].


This Strap looks very stylish with its unique design. The size of the wrist can be adjusted by the holes in the strap and it is made in silicon. They give 30 additional hours for the apple watch to be in active. The width of the band is 25mm and it having LED charge indicator power button. It suits for both 38mm and 42mm Apple watch and also it is water resistant. The batteries are inbuilt within the band. You can charge the strap and Apple watch at the same time by using the micro USB charging ports. The strap come in white, black and grey colors.


Reserve StrapΒ  Β Β reserve charge in hand

Once your watch shows to charge the Watch just press the power on button then it will get charged automatically. Power the watch for nearly 1 hour after that press the same button to off charging and save the remaining power in Reserve strap itself to use it once again. LED indicator that present in the strap shows remaining charge left in the strap. The installation of the strap is easy and the strap is same as the Apple watch strap. This is the first designed Charging strap.


The Wipower has 250 mAh power embedded in it. So it is easy to charge the watch when we need. It is made from silicon polymer with plastic and it also shield the watch in backside so we get double benefit here. They give 32-48 additional hours for the apple watch to be in active.Β Wipower is easy to install. The look and feel is less comfort. Inductive charging system is used here to charge the watch. This band suits for both 38 mm and 42 mm Apple watch. This model has four color types straps black, blue, pink and orange. I prefer black for you.

Wipower Apple strapΒ Β wipower strap withwatch

Features Comparison of both Reserve strap and Wipower strap

Reserve StrapWipower strap
Additional charging30 hours40 to 48 hours
ColorsBlack, White, GreyBlack, Blue, Pink, Orange
Wrist adjustmentyesyes
charge indicatoryesno
Shield protectornoyes


Both products are good and also have good features too. Choose the best of your choice according to you need.

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