Why my Apple Watch battery draining so fast? [[Reasons and Solutions]]

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Is yourΒ Apple Watch battery draining so fast? Here are the reasons why the battery drys faster and what you can do to make the watch’s battery to last longer.

How to extend Apple watch battery to maximum level

Apple watch battery life draining

Every device needs to stay ON for a longer period of time. A device can be so great with extraordinary and amazing features but with very short battery life, it’s not worth using it. Both the 38mm and the 42mm versions of the watch has different battery life, check Apple Watch 33mm vs 42mm.

  1. Have a darker black theme for your watch since more black you have, the more charge you can save. Instead of having the colorful theme, you can go for a black one.
  2. Have a dimmer display: The more brightness you have, the more battery will get lost. Of course, if you reduce the brightness then there will be some visibility problems. So have theΒ optimum brightness on your Apple watch. For doing it in your Apple watch, go to ‘Settings’ > scroll to ‘Brightness & Text Size’ > you can set the brightness level here. You can also control the brightness of your watch using the ‘My Watch’ app on your iphone.
  3. Use modular watch face: Many people likes the mickey mouse watch face but it can drain your battery life. Using modular watch face will make the watch alive for few more minutes. For doing this, long click on the current watch face you have > then choose modular and set it as default.
  4. Have low haptics strength: When you reduce the haptics strength, it will increase the life of the battery by saving the power while receiving the notifications. To do so, on your Apple Watch > ‘Settings’ > ‘Sounds & Haptics’ > scroll down and you will notice the haptics strength > decrease it.
  5. Turn on the gray scale mode: When you switch ON the gray scale, it will make all the color of your watch into gray. Little boring right? But we have to do this to save the power. You can activate this mode on your watch via your iphone. iPhone > Apple watch App > General > Accessibility > Grayscale > switch it ‘ON’.
  6. Reduce motion: Reducing your Apple watch motion will give less stress on the graphics processor. So it will consume less power usage. For doing this go to, iPhone > Apple watch App > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > switch it ‘ON’.
  7. Turn off repeated alerts: You can receive the alerts only once if you set the following on your iphone Apple watch application. Messages > Repeat Alerts > set it to ‘Never’. So the energy used by the watch for repeated alerts are saved. You can do this for other applications too and not just for ‘Messages’.
  8. Turn on power saving mode in workout app: If you activate this mode then the heart-rate monitor will be disabled when using the workout app. Activate this by, Workout > set Power Saving Mode ‘ON’.
  9. Limit Application notification: You can limit the number of applications from which you want to receive the notification from. So you can get only the ‘wanted’ notifications and you don’t have to waste your time checking on the unwanted notifications. Also, the power is consumed. iPhone > Apple watch app > Notifications > turn ‘off’ the Apps which you don’t want the notification from.
  10. Turn off automatic downloads: If you have this feature ON then the new apps and features will automatically downloaded on your iWatch. We don’t want the Apps to start downloading when the watch’s battery life is low and we can just do it manually when the battery is full. Do this by, iPhone > Apple watch app> General > Automatic Downloads > set ‘Automatically Download Apps’ to ‘No’.
  11. Activate Airplane mode: Do this when when the battery is extremely low. In your Apple watch > swipe up > you will see “Move, Exercise, Stand” > swipe left until you see the option to turn on Airplane mode. Remember this will turn off most features of your iwatch such as the bluetooth connectivity of the watch with the iphone.
  12. Activate Power Reserve mode: If you activate this then you can only check the time on your watch and nothing more than that. The watch can last long up to couple of days in this mode. You can do this when your battery is so low and you want to check the time at least for sometime.Β In your Apple watch > swipe up > you can see “Move, Exercise, Stand” > swipe left until you can view the option to turn ON the Power Reserve Mode. If you want to exit the Power Reserve Mode and want your watch to work as normal then long press the power button (side button) until the logo of Apple appears.

These are the tips which you can use to extend the battery life of your iWatch to the maximum level. There are also Apple Watch battery extenders which charges your watch on the go. How long your Apple watch stands? Tell us below in the comments.