Best Apple SmartWatch Clones: Starts as low from $20 to $100 dollars

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Can’t afford apple watch? Nothing to worry when we have the best Apple watch clones which actually has some features better than the real Apple watch. If you are wondering whether there are clones or not, actually the clones had released well before the original Apple watch.

Lemfo LF07 / DM09Β Bluetooth Smart Watch

Best Apple watch clones

This watch can be used with both Android version 4.3+ and the iOS version 7.0+ devices. Also, the watch can work on its own by inserting a GSM micro SIM card in it. So, it will work with SIM from T Mobile but not with CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint. The watch has a front camera which can capture decent pictures and videos. You can transfer those files to your PC via a USB cable. You can also control external camera like your iPhone camera from the watch itself which is not possible in the original Apple watch. You can also charge the watch using the USB cable. The Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth smart watch doesn’t have inbuilt heart rate sensor or support an external one. The watch has got pedometer which counts your steps, sleep monitor, Bluetooth, sedentary reminder, call, messaging, stopwatch. If you use iPhone then voice control on the watch will work but it won’t work on Android.

The crown scroller on this watch works as the same way of original Apple watch. You need to download the Fundo Wear App from the app store.Β The watch strap is not replaceable. You can use this watch by pairing with your phone over Bluetooth or with a SIM. You can play music on your watch from your phone over the Bluetooth. If you had your SIM on it then you can browse the internet but can’t with the Bluetooth. During its release, it was only $20 but due to huge demand and features upgrade, the price has increased. The price of the watch is 59.98 dollars but it can be changed over time.

MTK2502C Smart Watch

MTK2502C Apple clone smart watch

This watch is more exact to the real Apple watch than theΒ Lemfo LF07 Bluetooth smartwatch. TheΒ MTK2502C smartwatch comes in the size of 45mm which is slightly bigger than the 42mm version of the Apple watch. The straps of the watch are changeable using the clips and you can actually use the 42mm straps of original Apple watch in this but there will be a little gap.

It doesn’t have the option to insert SIM or to control the iPhone cam in the watch. The watch has the pedometer, stopwatch, alarm, call, message, Bluetooth, yahoo weather and rest of the stuff. The case is made from the Aluminium. The sound from this watch is louder for a smartwatch and of course, you can reduce or increase it. You can play music files from your phone on the watch.

The crown (scroller) on the side of the watch doesn’t work as of now and it will work like the Apple watch in the next version (hopefully). This watch hasΒ the heart rate counter but it’s just a gimmick which doesn’t count it properly. This watch doesn’t have a front camera. The price of this watch was around $80 dollars when we are checking.

If you are wondering whether to buy these clones or not then you have to remember even though these watches look almost the Apple watch, they don’t have all the advanced function of the Apple watch. If you are satisfied with the features comes with the cloned version then you can go for it. So you can save couple hundreds of dollars.