Are you choosing the best used Telehandler? [Consider these before buying]

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There can be nothing better than the telehandler if you are looking for a machine that can transport heavy loads vertically as well as horizontally. This machine combines the functionality of the forklift and the crane and gives a whole new dimension to the word functionality. Buying telehandlers from Manitou or any other leading brand can eat into a significant amount of money, which can be a big drawback, especially for start-ups. The best alternative in such cases is to opt for used telehandlers. Most people assume that the used telehandler is always worn out and cannot perform many tasks. However, this is far from the truth. There are many used Manitou telehandlers up for sale that are worth buying. To be assured of safety and perfection, there are a few aspects to consider before buying them.

The brand plays a very important role when you plan to buy a used telehandler. There are numerous brands that claim to produce the best telescopic handlers, but there are only a few that can withstand wear and tear and still stand strong. Manitou is a brand that is synonymous with quality and design. The telescopic handlers from this brand are designed to last a lifetime despite extensive usage. Therefore, buying a used Manitou telehandler is a wise choice.

There are various types of telehandlers available for customers to choose from. It is not as easy as buying the used telehandler that captures your attention first. Take a look at all your options and shortlist the ones that look promising. It is then time to understand the antecedants of the machine. Find out when it was first purchased and the number of times it has undergone maintenance. The extent of usage and the type of usage also needs to looked into. It is also important to find out the weight compatibility of the used Manitou and other telehandlers before finalising your choice.

It is important to evaluate the mechanical and structural systems while purchasing the used telehandler. This is not possible if you are buying it online. However, there is a way to overcome this problem. Find out from the online vendor the possibilities of exchanging the used Manitou telehandler if there is damage to either the mechanical or structural units. While the mechanical units includes the engine and other related components, the structural system includes the body of the machine, including the boom.

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