Difference between AA, AAA, AAAA, A23, C, D, 4.5-volt, 9-volt batteries?

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Do you want to know the difference between the AA, AAA, AAAA, A23, C, D, 4.5-volt, 9-volt, CR2032 and LR44 batteries? In this guide, learn which battery you should use for your electronic appliances.

List of battery sizes and their volts

Batteries size comparison

BatteryLength (mm)Width (mm)VoltCurrent Capacity
AA 49.2–50.513.5-14.51.5600–2400 mAh
AAA 44.510.51.5860–1,200 mAh
AAAA42.58.31.5500–600 mAh
A23 28.510.31255 mAh
C 5026.21.2-3.03800-8000 mAh
D 61.533.51.5 13000 mAh
18650 65183.7 2500 mAh
4.5-volt 67624.5 4200 mAh
9-volt 48.526.59 400-600 mAh
CR2032 3.2203 190-225 mAh
LR44 5.2 11.4 1.5150-600 mAh

Note: The A23 battery is also called in other names such as 8LR23, 23A, ANSI-1181A, V23GA, 8LR932, 23AE, L1028, GP23A or as MN21.

You can see that various batteries have same voltage and you may ask why can’t they be in same size. Even though the voltage is same but the current capacity is different. So what is the difference between current and voltage? The battery is like a tank from where the water flows. The speed of the water is the voltage and the total volume of the water in the tank is the current capacity of the battery.

Some devices requires less voltage and current and other devices required high voltage and less current. Thus different size of batteries with different properties are made. There are also rechargeable batteries such as 18650 battery and one time use batteries.

Every battery produce a specific voltage and in order to increase the voltage more number of batteries has be connected. If a device requires 3 volt input then two 1.5 volt batteries can be connected to produce the 3 volt input. Likewise more batteries can be connected to produce the required voltage. The positive end of the battery should be connected with the negative end of the other battery. Batteries with different voltage should not be connected with each other since there will be no proper output voltage.

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