Digga Buckets: The Different Types Available

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Digga buckets are used in a wide range of industries for relocating different types of materials like rocks, sand and gravel to other areas. While there are many brands of buckets available on the market today, Digga buckets have become a fascination for many in recent times and there are topnotch attributes of these machines that make them such great choices.

More specifically, these buckets are well known for their reliability, durability and sturdiness. The fact that they are made using highly durable components means that they are able to last for a very long time.

Digga buckets come in different models and it is essential that you know about them if you plan to buy one of them for use at your place.

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Digga Buckets

4-in-1 buckets

These Digga buckets are used primarily for scraping, grading, dozing dirt; grappling and construction companies use them to spread assorted materials around the sites.

It is one of the best buckets that you can use and to be more precise, this bucket is uniquely designed for a skid loader or front end and comes with grabbing teeth that are attached at the front parts and overlaps considerably to provide a better grip on the debris.

In addition to this, the Digga buckets have unique side sections that are capable of carrying heavy weights of debris ranging between 147kgs and 450kgs and this will mainly depend on the specific Digga buckets model being used.

Its grill features a single heavy duty piece that effectively provides a highly exclusive deign that in the end results in a bucket with excellent vision. This option of Digga buckets presents you with a choice of between tiger and chisel teeth and has a unique pin-on design.

Custom orders of these buckets are available as well and you can have one designed to meet your own unique needs and requirements.

Rock bucket

The next major option of Digga buckets that you might want to consider is the rock bucket. This one is used primarily for the purposes of ground leveling and to soft out rocks and assorted debris as well as relocate materials away from the buildings.

In addition, the bucket is used to clean up some large debris piles and these topnotch features are what have made these Digga buckets such an excellent option.

This bucket comes with some unique features that make it very excellent for its job. To start with, it has a width that ranges between 1676mm and 1900mm and this makes it an excellent choice for larger jobs that are highly involving.

The model also comes with some hooks that are welded instead of individually bolted ones that contribute to enhanced durability.

In addition, the Digga buckets have assembly grapple hooks that are designed for interlocking with tines on bucket that contribute greatly to additional strength and ease of use.

The wide opening grapple that comes with this bucket helps to support the aggressive tine when being used for heavy duty jobs.

Digga Buckets

Digga Buckets

Bucket broom

This is another one of the options available for Digga buckets that you certainly shouldnt hesitate to buy.

The bucket comes with a wide range of widths for accommodating a large assortment of machines by use of the removable side shifting frame and heavy duty wheels.

In addition, these Digga buckets come with other topnotch features such as the replaceable wear edge and replaceable machine pickups that can be used on multiple machines.

The inbuilt adjustment handles of these buckets are easy to use as well and in combination with its longer life, you can be sure why you shouldnt hesitate to buy this Digga bucket.

Digga Buckets

Digga Buckets