Find your own mobile number in AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint & Others

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Have you forget your own mobile number? Want to know your number on your smartphone? You can find it out by typing the following code on your cell phone.

Codes to find own mobile number

Many of us are in the situation in which we don’t know our own mobile number. There are codes to find it out. Just type them and press the call button and you will get your ‘#mobile phone number’.

How to find my own AT&T GoPhone number?

Menu > “Settings” (click ‘Select’ to open) > select “Phone” > “Own Number” > You can see your own number here and you can note it down.

How to find my own Verizon phone number?

Menu > “Settings and Tools” icon > Scroll down and you will see > “System” > “Device Info” > “My Number”.

In the My Number, you can see the informations such as your phone number, software version and the memory status.

How to find my own T-Mobile number?

You can get your own T-Mobile number by dialing / calling the following number #NUM# or #686#.

How to find your own Sprint mobile phone number?

Type #NUM# and click the call button.

You can also follow the same method in the other networks such as Cellular Corporation, Cellular South, Cellcom and Southern Communications Services. If you have any questions then please ask us and we can answer it for you.

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