Flipkart Mobile Exchange Offer Policy Terms and Conditions [Updated]

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Want to exchange your old mobile with a new smartphone in Flipkart? There are some rules and regulations which you should meet for exchanging your old mobile. So read here the flipkart mobile exchange terms and conditions.

Flipkart old mobile exchange offer details

Latest range of smartphones arrives every time in the market and we buy them but our old mobiles are just occupying space in our homes. So the old mobiles aren’t useful anyone. But if the mobiles are recycled then it will be beneficial to the mobile phone manufacturers and the users can also get some discount for their new mobiles. The production cost of new smartphones will also reduced since recycled parts are being used.

In order to change your old smartphone then it has to meet the following criteria:-

  1. Your old mobile should be in working condition.
  2. You need to provide the IMEI number of your old mobile.
  3. There should not be any cracks in the display or in the front / back panel.
  4. The old mobile model should be still selling in the market and should not be too old.
  5. In some cases, Flipkart will show a list of mobile models which are only accepted for the exchange offer.
  6. You don’t need to provide any accessories that comes with your old mobile phone.
  7. You don’t have to provide bill of your old mobile phone.
  8. You might need to accept the cost for transferring the old mobile to the Flipkart.
  9. You won’t get any special offers of the new smartphone.
  10. The exchange offer is not available for all mobile phones.
  11. The exchange rate differs from mobile to mobile. The iPhone 4 had an exchange rate 5000 rupees but Moto G had only the exchange rate of 2000 rupees.

How does Flipkart and the mobile manufacturer benefits from the exchange offer?

  1. Due to the higher cost of mobile phones, many products are not selling good. The exchange offer reduces the cost of the product and so the sales increases.
  2. Old mobiles will be sold in the second hand market or the mobile will be assembled and will be sold as spare parts.

Things you should consider before exchanging your mobile phone?

  1. If you feel the exchange rate is not good then you can check the other shopping sites which offers mobile exchange. You can also try to post in OLX or Quikr sell your old phone with a better price.
  2. You can also visit a local shop and try to sell your old smartphone if they offer a good price.
  3. You can also check the mobile phone exchange offer of The Mobile Store, Univercell & Sangeetha mobiles and mobile phone exchange offer of snapdeal.

Don’t throw the cover and package of the new mobile phone for some months since you may need to return or you will need it in the future. If you have any questions then please ask us below.

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