How to clean headlights with bug spray, vinegar, toothpaste, baking soda? ;)

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Do you want to clean your car headlight effectively with the household items like toothpaste, bug spray, vinegar and baking soda? Here you can learn how to do it at your home in step by step.

Some people care about their car much and others don’t. But if you are going to sell your car then you must clean each and every part of it to increase the selling price of the car. Let’s see the various ways to clean the headlights.

Clean headlights with bug spray

How bug spray works to clean the headlights? It’s because it contains the ‘deet’ which actually melts plastic. This is not a recommended method since your headlights will again become dull after few days and it can also affect your car body. But if you like to try then just don’t spray the bug spray directly on the headlight. Just apply it on a paper towel and clean the light. So it won’t affect the bumper and other parts of the car.

Clean headlights with toothpaste

Take a handful of toothpaste (it’s better if the toothpaste has baking soda content in it). Rub it all over the light well with the toothbrush. You can also use a cloth to rub the paste but brush works well. After a few minutes, spray some water on the headlights. Now clean it with a cloth and you can see the difference. Now apply some wax and clean it to give a protection layer to the headlights.

Clean the seat and headlights with baking soda and vinegar

Many use baking soda or vinegar to clean something. But it will work better when you mix them together and prepare the paste. Use this to clean your car seats and headlights, it will work really well. While cleaning, you have to rub it hard to work effectively.

Note: Always wash with water before using a household item to clean the car. After washing the car, always apply wax to give some production against the oxidation.

Do You Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out?

People’s opinions & comments
No, I used to but the car wash near me closed. Now, I have to drive 5 or 10 miles to the nearest one. So, my cars aren’t clean at the moment.
Yes, I usually keep the inside clean and the outside as clean as I can weather permitting. A good part of the year where I live is simply too cold to wash the outside. I cannot stand an overly dirty interior since that is where I spend all of the time when using it. My truck on the other hand is another story. It goes long stretches without being washed but I still keep the inside tidy and clean.
Yes, I have had girls tell me, if I kept my bathroom, as clean as I keep my car, I would be the perfect male! Heck.. nobody is perfect! : )
Definitely, and regular service checks too. Dealer provides free car wash inside/out. I usually take it every week with all of this pollen in FL.
My husdoes volunteer work grooming Theraputic ride horses, and we use my car to get there. he gets his horsey boots all over everything, plus keeps leaving his grooming supplies in the back seat. I have trouble walking and have bad balance, so the effort needed to clean it, only to get it messy, just seems like wasted effort.
Don’t own one now but when I did, usually I just let rain do its job.
No, living on a dirt road makes that a neverending task … that even cleanliness-nut wife won’t try to tackle.
Weekly washes and cleanups
all that sine 1998 and with 200.000 niles+ now in all kinds of weather and terrain (yes, I am not shy to get it all muddy and dirty up to the poibt where one is barely able to tell the color)
Nah, I wish but I have teenagers who leave books and papers and everything else in it. Cannot wait til they have their own and then they will not be in mine.
No, it’s a car. There’s pollen on it right now, because it’s outside haha. I would wash it every other day if I wanted it to be clean.
Yeah, not only clean but running like its new. Wifes car as well.
No, at least not when I had a car. I didn’t want the cops to think that anybody had been murdered in it.
Not my daily drivers. My classics, and my bikes, I am absolutely meticulous about keeping them clean and polished…I hire a couple girls to come in and detail them all every few months. But the truck I use to do everything else, and the old Jeep I use to bang around on the property, are both pretty junked up, beat up, used and abused…but mechanically immaculate.
Yes, I am picky about that too! I plan to drive my Lexus until one of us dies so must keep it clean! lol
My god, if I washed my car, it would fall apart, the only thing holding it together is the glue of the years. But I do keep the inside in a reasonable condition because the wife would not ride in it because it would stink. My SUV is my pickup. Used for everything.
Yes, but I don’t use my car very often…so…it just doesn’t matter…bark
Yes, I’m a total neat freak. In my house, in my car and in my office at work, I’m Felix Unger.
Clean car shows a lot about yourself to me but maybe its just cause I got a car addiction.
heck yes, it is my car why would I want it to look like crap
No, I’ve always been told that how clean you keep your car is an indication of how clean you keep your house. Well, that does npt apply ro me at all. My house is usually spotless, clean and clutter free; and my car is usually a hot mess. I’m gonna do better tho’
I’m O.C.D when it comes to my trucks. CLEAN!
Outside? Yeah. But Inside? Hahaha
I’d like to, but with my schedule, living in rural area w/ dirt roads, & my broken body, it just gets cleaned when the moon is in the Seventh House & Jupiter is aligned with Mars (or when I’m shamed into doing it by weird stares from people). It is what it is. (sigh)
No, although I would prefer to, I just don’t have the time to do it regularly. I more often wash the exterior, and eventually get around to vacuuming and cleaning the inside glass, etc.
I’m pretty meticulous about the cleanliness of my car. Fanatically ….it’s my baby

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