[Important] Things You Must Do While Buying A Smartphone

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Going to buy a new smartphone with your hard earned money? Wait a minute! You must follow these guidelines before doing it. So you can use your smartphone for last long without any failures.

What Will I Learn?

Before Buying the Smartphone

These are some of the things you should do before buying a smartphone. You are going to spend your hard earned money and so it is important to consider these before buying the cell phone.

  • Mobile Operating System: In what OS does your mobile runs in? Android, iOS and Windows Mobile are the most popular. Even though most of the popular Apps and games are available for all the 3 major operating system there are some Apps which are available only to one of them. Check whether all your favorite applications and softwares are supported on your smartphone.
  • Real or Fake Smartphone: Nowadays, fake smartphones are manufactured exactly like the original to cheat the people.  There are many people ended up buying fake smartphones. So, make sure you are buying the original one.
  • Storage & RAM: Storage matters! Smartphones are for running the different types of apps without any lags. So get a mobile with higher storage and RAM according to your need.
  • Attached or Removable Battery: Nowadays mobile manufacturers started to produce non-removable batteries. The reason they say for it is to reduce the mobile size and to make it slim. But the original reason is you can’t change the battery yourself and so you have to buy a new mobile when the battery becomes weak.
  • Gorilla Glass or Ordinary: The Gorilla Glass protects the screen from scratch and breakage while the ordinary glass can’t!
  • Waterproof or Not: Mobiles are coming out with waterproof technology and why can’t you buy a one with it which may save your phone from accidental drop in the water in the future.
  • Warranty or Guarantee: Has any warranty or guarantee given to phone? What if you get a problem with the mobile in the future?
  • Easy Returns: Buying from online shopping then can the purchase be returned if the phone is broken or has any problem while receiving?
  • Check Reviews: Check reviews about the phone online and watch videos about the mobile in Youtube to know more about it.
  • Buy During Offer: Buy the smartphone during offers such as Black Friday Deals, Christmas Offers, Diwali Offers. So, you can save some money with it.

After Buying the Smartphone

These are the things you should do after buying the smartphone.

  • Scratch Card: Buy scratch card for you mobile phone since the default scratch card comes with the mobile only last few days.
  • Anti-theft: What if someone steal your smartphone in the future? Install a best anti-theft application on your smartphone to protect it.
  • Insurance: Insure the mobile phone and so you can get it back if any disaster happens to it in the future.
  • Privacy: Install a good App to hide or lock your personal files since someone might view it.

If you want to keep your smartphone for longer period of time without any issues then you should follow these suggestions given in this article. Please share your views as comments below.