How do I know the time to change new engine oil to my bike?

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I have a pulsar motor bike and I don’t know when I need to change new bike engine oil. Are there any symptoms in the bike which will indicate that I should change the old engine oil? What will happen, if I just ride the motorcycle without changing the oil for a long time? Can I add the new engine oil with the old one or the old engine oil must be cleaned for pouring the new engine oil?


It’s good to change the engine oil at least once per 3 months but it actually depends on how many kilometers that you have driven your motor bike. If you drive your vehicle in full speed then your engine oil will evaporate and become black pretty soon. The sound of your two wheeler is also a good indication to change the oil if it doesn’t sound good then its something with the engine oil or with your engine.
New engines are capable of running with the same engine oil for a longer time than the old engines. You must remove the old oil fully before pouring the new engine oil. If you run your bike without changing the oil for a long time then it will affect your engine, it can even result in engine gets cheesed off!

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